Subject Area #12

When the Pharisee Religionís evolutionary "creation scenario" is exposed during the Biblical Fall of Babylon time frame,

many other contra-Scriptural teachings will come under the same withering Bible-only scrutiny...and will quickly fail the test.

When the "Judgment [that] begins at the house of God" is over, the purge of all doctrines that fail the test will be

 completed, and the nucleus of the final Church--the Bride of Christ "without spot or wrinkle"--will emerge.


Several of those justly doomed false doctrines are evident in the previous eleven Subject Area links.

A list of those and some others--a total of fourteen--have been put into books of various lengths

with all the Scriptures necessary to separate the truly Biblical doctrines from the false ones.


This "Doctrine Purification Series" has been written over a period of some twenty years in preparation for that time when all teachings are

  brought in line with the unquestioned Bible inerrancy and infallibility that will be manifested globally by the exposure of the most fertile

 deception in Satanís vast repertoire , namely, the universally believed lie that the Earth is orbiting on an axis and going around the sun.


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