Subject Area #11

These are just four miscellaneous links on the web page

which relate to the Roman Catholic Church.


GO - "A Geocentric Verse In The Apocrypha" (1 pg)

GO - "Scripture Declares the Shroud Of Turin A Fake" (3 pgs)

GO - "Popes Have Both Condemned And Embraced Copernicanism" (8 pgs)

GO - "Churches Babylon" (12 pgs)

GO - "The Furor Over Mel’s ‘Passion’ movie. Is This The First Shot In A Truth Blitzkrieg By God To Bring About A Global Confrontation With His Word And The Forces That Seek Its Destruction?" (10 pgs)

GO - Audio: BDP#1 - "Exposing False Science: Impact On Churches And World"

GO - Audio: BTR#5 - "The Bible And Roman Catholicism"

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