Does Jesus Return To This Earth?

Does the Bible teach that Jesus will return on the ground

to this Earth?


...does the Bible teach that Jesus would never set foot

on this Earth again after His public ascension?


   The next few pages will demonstrate Scripturally that Jesus never sets foot on this Earth again.

   On a scale of one to ten of false doctrines now besetting the Church of Jesus Christ, this subject is clearly a ten.  It is a ten because it eradicates the Millennial teachings heard everywhere. It is a ten because it eradicates the pre-tribulation Rapture teaching heard everywhere. It is a ten because it is inextricably tied in with the goals and aspirations of the Devilís agenda under a One World Government for destroying the Bible with high-tech deceptions masquerading as Space Science. (HERE & HERE)   (Also HERE & HERE)

   Is it possible that a deception of this magnitude could have a major part of the Church of Jesus Christ totally barking up the wrong tree about End Time matters?!

   If one can lay aside all previous input on the subject, and look anew at the related Scriptures (keeping in mind the promotion of Dispensational-Millennialism from 12th and 13th century Christ-hating Kabbala teachings! - HERE), the answer will be plain enough.

   With that in mind, letís search for the Scriptural proof that Jesus never sets foot on this Earth again for a Millennial reign or anything else.....


   We can start by taking note of the premier "proof text" used by those who teach that Christ will return to this earth at some future time. The reference is in the Old Testament Book of Zechariah, Chapter 14, verses 3 & 4:

Then shall the LORD go forth,

and fight against those nations,

as when He fought in the day of battle.

And His feet shall stand

in that day upon the Mount of Olives,

which is before Jerusalem on the east,

and the Mount of Olives shall

cleave in the midst thereof

toward the east and toward the west,

and there shall be a very great valley;

and half of the Mount shall remove

toward the north, and half of it

toward the south.


(Note: Much of this can also be found in the "Dispensationalism and Millennialism..." essay, pages 19-24....)

   Aside from those verses one searches the Scriptures in vain for any prophesy of Jesus actually, physically coming to the ground on this earth. This is strange, to say the least, seeing that such a mountain of teaching is built on Him being on the earth and physically reigning in Jerusalem for a literal "thousand years"Öor any time frame!

   Since Zechariah 14 is the critical load-bearing Scriptural prophesy which holds up the teaching that Christ will physically return to the ground on this earth after His first visit and ascension , we must determine if this reference tells us what we are told it tells us, or whether it doesnít.

   Where do we start?!

   Well, let us first remind ourselves that this is an Old Testament prophesy written 494 years before Jesus was born and well over five hundred years before His feet did indeed stand on the Mount of Olives (v.4). Realizing that fact alone, one must immediately wonder why this reference couldnít be to His first coming. One must wonder why the fulfillment of this prophesy has to be stretched 2500 years and more into the future instead of 500 years, when the New Testament tells us that Jesus did in fact come and stand on the Mount of Olives.

   There are several ways to read the highly allegorical/poetic/symbolic/figurative language contained in this chapter of Zechariah. Verse 4 speaks also "of the Mount of Olives cleaving in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west, and there shall be a very great valley; and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the south". In short, when Jesus comes to Jerusalem in this prophesy given more than 500 years before His ministry began, we are told that the mountain called the Mount of Olives is going to split in the middle and the two parts are going to go in opposite directions. The Hebrew word for "mountain" in this verse (#2022-har) we are told is "sometimes used figuratively". This is common and known to all Bible scholars.

   Given that common understanding about the figurative use of this word in the Bible, isnít there every reason to at least consider and test and see if this is one of those times when the reference is meant to be taken figuratively rather than literally?? After all, most doctrinal teaching controlling the evangelical Churchesí direction today rests squarely on whether this is literal or figurative! It is hugely important!

   So, certainly there is every reason to look for a figurative, allegorical interpretation, and no reason to declare dogmatically that this is to be taken literally. (There is no reason to take it literally, that is, except to uphold Kabbala-based Dispensational doctrine, the Scofield Bible notes behind a lot of it, and the ineffably powerful presence and control by the literal 1000 year advocates over modern day evangelism!)

   Since then the word "mountain" figuratively refers numerous times to "kingdom and strength through rulership" in Scripture (Unger's Bible Dictionary, p.765) and since Jesusí coming totally overturned the Old Testament place of the Jews and established His New Testament system wherein "whosoever will" was invited and there was "no respecter of persons", etc., it is infinitely more sensible to conclude that this prophesy in Zechariah was fulfilled some 530 years after it was given, than it is to stretch it some 2500 years and counting.... Sheesh....

   But that is only the beginning of the difficulties of stretching this prophesy fulfillment to the present and beyond! Verse 8 says: " shall be in that day, that living waters shall go out from Jerusalem." Did Jesus fulfill that prophesy some 530 years after it was made? According to my Bible, He did. John 7:37,38 says He did. There is no Scriptural reason to stretch the fulfillment of this prophesy some 2500 years and counting. There are other reasons, but they are not Scriptural.

   And look at the next verse, Verse #9. It says: "And the LORD shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one LORD, and His name one." Was Jesus King "over all the earth" almost 2000 years ago? If He was, this prophesy was fulfilled and the ubiquitous teaching that He has yet to come to fulfill it is a deception with enormous ramifications!

   Rest assured, it was fulfilled some 530 years after it was given in Zechariah and is not a future event. (See: "Jesus: King Now or Coming King"?)

   As one reads on for the context in Zechariah 14, one sees all sorts of things going on that would not be possible or make any sense if the verse about Jesus setting His feet on the Mount of Olives referred to Him coming to rule the world from Jerusalem during a yet future thousand years of bliss on earth. Notice these ill-fitting incongruities: Terrible plagues smite people (v.12); there is tumult with neighbor fighting neighbor (v.13); Judah is fighting at Jerusalem (v.14); there are plagues on horses and mules and camels and asses and "all of the beasts"(v.15); drought is put on some who donít come up to worship and others are killed (vs.17,18).

   This is a blissful "millennium"?! There are "bells on the horses" (v.20), sacrifices are being made (v.21) {with Jesus, the one and only last sacrifice present}?! I donít think so!

   When trying to discover the fulfillment of this part of Zechariah, is it not the more Scriptural thing to do to go to Nehemiah 8:14-18 where the conditions befitting the times and what is going on are spelled out?? The time in Nehemiah in those verses is 444 B.C., a full half century after Zechariahís dual prophecies, and a full thirty years after Estherís behavior had secured total Jewish control over the whole Persian Empire and great numbers of the Jewís former enemies were killed or became converts to Judaism and completely subject to Mordicaiís dictates (Esther Chs.8 & 9)!!

   What is the point of trying to stretch Zechariahís prophesies two thousand and five hundred years into the future when most of what is said can clearly be accommodated much better twenty and fifty years later, and when the part about Jesus can be accommodated five hundred years later when He tore down the old system forever and erected a new one that cannot be changed??

   So, if the strongest Bible case for Jesus setting His feet on this earth again can be whittled down to nothing in a few minutes, how can it be that so many Christians believe with all their hearts that the Bible teaches that He is physically coming back to terra firma earth and rule as king for a thousand years?? Could a deception that pervasive and persuasive ever grab hold and not turn loose of so many people?! (Hah! To answer that question, one again has only to look at the Copernican and Darwinian deceptions and see how many people {in and out of churches} believe these are scientific truths beyond the remotest hint of being challenged!) The folly of literalizing and then leaning almost completely on one passage of Scripture as a "proof text" for a doctrine--when the "mountain" in that passage is interpreted figuratively and then fits all other Scriptures on the subject!--is what has happened with this chapter in Zechariah.


   OK. Letís look at some Scriptures where the nature of Jesusí return--His Second Coming--is plainly taught, and see what they say:

   1) Acts 1:9,10,11 says:

"And when He had spoken these things,

while they beheld He was taken up;

and a cloud received Him out of their sight.

And while they looked stedfastly toward heaven as He went up,

behold, two men stood by them in white apparel;

Which also said, Ye men of Galilee,

why stand ye gazing up into heaven?

this same Jesus,

which is taken up from you into heaven,

shall so come in like manner

as ye see Him go into heaven."

   "...shall come in like manner...." What "manner" is that? This Scriptural picture speaks of Christís return all right, and He shall definitely return! No argument there whatsoever! But the picture does not speak of any place on earth to which He will return, but rather to the "manner" of His return. That "manner" is the same as when He left, that is to say, in a "cloud". We see this confirmed numerous times in Scripture....

   2) One such confirmation with which all prophesy buffs are aware is the "Rapture" passage in I Thessalonians 4:13-18. Here we see the key point in question clearly spelled out in a way which not even those who firmly believe Jesus is physically coming to earth to rule and reign will contest. That point is that in this passage He definitely returns from heaven, but He just as definitely does not come to earth, but rather, returns only in the clouds. Note:

"...the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout...

and the dead in Christ shall rise first...." (v.16)

   But where is Jesus when these are raised? Answer: the same place He is when He raises those who are alive at that time. Note the very next words in v.17:

"Then we which are alive and remain

shall be caught up together with them [the dead in Christ]

IN THE CLOUDS, to meet the Lord

IN THE AIR: and so shall we:

a) be with the Lord in the air for seven years (Dispensationalist-Millennialist teaching) or: b) "ever be with the Lord" (what the verse says). (??)

   It is not hard to see why millennialist doctrines have to go thru all that fancy hermenutical footwork about the postponed 70th week, etc., etc., to make the Rapture a distinct and separate Coming of Christ which precedes the alleged coming back for a millennial rule.... Jesus has to be on the ground for the millennium and it is clear that He never comes to the ground in the Rapture passage!  More, the fact that He doesnít come to earth to carry out the Rapture reinforces the conclusion that He comes ONLY in the clouds when He does return because: a) There is no Scripture (when there should be A LOT OF IT!) which actually says He comes to earth; b) He resurrects Christians in the Rapture without coming to earth, so the resurrection of everybody else {John 5:28,29} could be done the same way (and sequentially on the same day!); c) Several Scriptures describe Him coming from heaven to earth without actually setting foot on the earth; d) Jesus pulverizes those at Armageddon from the sky without ever coming to earth (though this is not the 2nd Coming but merely the end of the 7th Trumpet plague); e) The dissolution of the earth (II Pet. 3:10-12) is accomplished by fire coming "DOWN from God out of heaven" ( Rev. 20.9; Luke 17:29,30; II Thess. 1:7,8), again showing a major event carried out by Jesus from the sky (this one is part of the true 2nd coming, the very last event of the very last day of this earthís history).

   Parenthetically again, but most interestingly, the 1599 edition of the Geneva Bible (some 12 years before the KJV came out), gives in the marginal notes the consensus of the great 16th century Protestant Bible Scholars, a consensus which paints an altogether different picture of End Time events than is trumpeted everywhere today. Note: "At the Second Coming, Jesus will bring an end to history. He will raise the dead and judge the world (John 5:28,29) and impart to Godís children their final glory (Rom. 8:17,18; Col. 3:4).... According to I Thess. 4:16,17...those who have died in Christ will be raised, and Christians living on the earth will be caught up to meet Christ. This event will mean the end of life in the world as we have known it, and the beginning of life in unbroken communion with God. The idea that Christians will be taken out of this world for a period after which Christ will appear still a third time ...lacks Scriptural support. The "shout," "voice," and "trumpet" of v.16 give the distinct impression that the rapture will be public and not secret (Luke 17:24; 21:35; Rev. 1:7.) ...In other words, the rapture of Christians spoken of in 4:17 will not occur before the arrival of the day that will also bring sudden and inescapable destruction to the wicked." {So much for all the "secret rapture" and "left behind" hype from books, pulpits, movies and videos!} 

   So--getting back to the manner of Christís coming--we see here in the Rapture passage particularly, a stated return of Jesus from heaven to deal with His people on earth (dead and alive) without ever setting foot on the ground. We keep that firmly in mind as we examine some other Scriptures related to Christís return which are on the same day (the last day)....

   3) Matthew 24:30b says:

"...and they shall see the Son of Man coming


with power and great glory."

   It doesnít say He comes on down to earth there, does it? Just in the clouds. More, it sounds as though He already has "power and great glory" and is not coming to get either one and reign on earth. (Pages 22,23 of "Dispensationalism...." (HERE) explain why Jesus is already King and is not coming to be King. We will look at that important Scriptural rejection of the millennial doctrine also at the end of this evidence and further see why the millennium is a "Jewish fable" {Titus 1:14}, designed long ago by the Devil to lead Godís people away from an accurate interpretation of End Time events....)

   4) As recorded in Matthew 26:24, Jesus said:

"...Hereafter shall ye see the Son of Man

sitting on the right hand of power,

and coming in the clouds of heaven."

   Does Jesus then come on down to earth?  It doesnít say so. You can add to it if you want to.... "the right hand of power" always refers to God the Father's throne (Rom. 8:34; Eph. 1:20; Col. 3:1; Heb. 1:3,13; etc.)  Father God comes with Jesus to this great culminating event.  Does Father God come on down to earth also in the millennialist teaching...or stay there...or go back to the third heaven? ..Creates a big problem, doesn't it?

   5) Revelation 1:7 says:

"Behold, He cometh with clouds

and every eye shall see Him..."

   Does Jesus then come on down to earth?  It doesnít say so.  Again, you are free to add to the Scripture if you want, mindful that you are doing so to lend credence to manís doctrine and tradition, and in defiance of Godís fearsome warning in Rev. 22:18,19....


   Without adding to or subtracting from Godís Word on this matter, we go with what we know and nothing more. What we know is this:

   a) Jesus comes back from heaven in the clouds to Rapture the dead and living Christians (I Thess. 4:13-18). He never sets foot on the earth. More, there is absolutely no Scripture which says that this Rapture will happen at some point before the last day of this earthís history. Indeed, Scripture is plain that the last day is the only time that it can happen!

   b) Major point: There is a resurrection of everyone who has ever died and is not taken up in the rapture. Note John 5.28.29:

"Marvel not at this:

for the hour is coming,

in the which ALL that are in the graves

shall hear His voice,

And shall come forth;

they that have done good,

unto the resurrection of life;

and they that have done evil,

unto the resurrection of damnation."

   There is nary a hint that Christ is on the earth when He resurrects the good and the bad who werenít Christians. It makes no sense that He would be unless we further theorize that there is another ascension and a 3rd Coming.... What these verses flatly say is that this is a separate resurrection which includes "good" as well as "evil" dead people from the past.  Only the Christian dead are raised in the Rapture verses....

    So, get it straight once and for all:  Here is plain affirmation that many people who--for good reasons--have not been Christians throughout history will nevertheless be saved by their good works. They are people who are "born again" according to Scripture rather than the draconian and contra-Scriptural distortion of the "born again" message so common in evangelist circles. Note this confirmation in I John 2:29: "If ye know that He is righteous, ye know that everyone that doeth righteousness is born of Him..." [And Acts 10:34,35]. Consider this book on Godís Judgment (HERE), who is going to Heaven (HERE), and why "Judgment begins at the House of God..."(I Pet.4:17,18)  HERE... (Again; this relevant new link: HERE.)

   Scripture tells us that He "cometh with clouds" and every eye will see Him in the sky (Rev.1:7; Matt.24:27). It tells us that He sends fire down from heaven, and devours those not raptured or otherwise resurrected (Rev.20:9). It tells us that Jesus bombards the army of the Beast and the False Prophet at Armageddon from the sky ( the end of 7th Trumpet time frame: Rev. 16:21). It tells us that He burns up, melts, and dissolves the earth (II Pet. 3:10-12) from the sky. It tells us that, from heaven, He causes the earth to flee away never to be found again ( Rev. 20:11; Isaiah 65:17).

   The only thing that comes down to where this earth is presently located is The New Earth with a New Jerusalem on it which God promised He would create and put in place (Isaiah 65:17; 66:22; Rev. 21:2.10). It comes right to the place John saw in the vision, i.e., right to where the old earth was, and which, after its dissolution, will be moved out of the way, having "fled away never to be seen again" (Rev.20:11).

   That is to say, the New Earth comes right to the center of the universe where--in the first creation--He hung the old stationary earth on nothing, and declared that it could not be moved...not by Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Sagan, the Pope or anybody else, until HE moves it to make way for the eternal New Earth with its New Heavens! (begin HERE)

   This is all done from the sky. Jesus never sets foot on this earth again. This earth is not to be re-upholstered so Jesus can come and rule, as the millennialist fable teaches, nor--as the capstone of the Kabbalistic version of Dispensationalism anticipates--is it to be the site of the reign of another messiah than Jesus (which "messiah" in the secular Zionist version merely means world rule by the Zionist State of Israel).

   Thatís about it for this overview. Several short books dealing in greater detail with all the subjects involved can be considered HERE.

    Those who are beginning to get the picture as to what a gargantuan deception the millennial doctrine of Jesus ruling on earth is, will want to check this out too: "Jesus Is Not Coming To Be King and Rule and Reign, He Has Been King of Kings and Lord of Lords Since the Day of His Resurrection" HERE...


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