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The Earth Is Not Moving

by Marshall Hall 



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Back Cover Notes

Back Cover Notes

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Reader's Testimonies

Readers' Testimonies

many more not listed...}

Contemporary Geocentrists

Contemporary Geocentrists

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Seeing Is Believing: Or Is It?!!

NASA's Agenda: Promoting Evolutionism

NASA's Agenda: Promoting    Verily! Copernicanism &  Evolutionism

NASA's Hanky-Panky: Virtual Reality Technology

NASA's Hanky-Panky: Virtual Reality Technology              the M O...

The Spiritual Roots of NASA's Big Bang Primise

The Spiritual Roots of NASA's Big Bang Premise                       well, well!

A Small, Young Universe After All?!

   You bet!  See new links and emphasis!                                             

Bible Doctrines Purification

One Page Summaries of 14 Doctrines connected to Copernicanism's Fall and a Global Demonstration of the Bible's Infallibility on All Subjects

Great for Bible Studies!! 14 Books on DOCTRINES connected to the Fall of Copernicanism and Babylon.  This is a broad Demonstration that the Bible's Infallibility on All Subjects can not be defeated by Satan's deceptions....

Links for Creationists and Others Who Can't Quite Swallow the Evolution Myth  

some basics...

What If? (14 Questions or ponder)

What If? (14 Questions to ponder)

What If? (14 Questions or ponder)

"The Monkey Trial" - Tennessee, 1925

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Copernicanism and Darwinism

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Copernicanism and Darwinism

Grammatically and Semantically the Holy Bible is Wholly Geocentric

Grammatically and Semantically the Holy Bible is Wholly Geocentric

Copernicanism and Darwinism: Inseparable Concepts Historically, Philosophically, Spiritually, and Scientifically

Copernicanism and Darwinism: Inseparable Concepts Historically, Philosophically, Spiritually, and Scientifically

Six Points

Six Points


These Links Bear on Different Aspects of the Non-Moving Earth Issue and Inter-Relate With Other Links on this Web Page:

A Geocentricity Verse In The Apocrypha                     yeah, there too!

Atheism: Now A Misnomer                       try & see!

Christian Zionists: A Marriage Of Spiritual Opposites a ticking bomb!

New 10-20-06: CUFI: Christian Zionists Unite to Dictate U.S. Mid-East Policy - Armageddon or bust!


Dispensationalism & Millennialism: Their Origin And Their Future 

              same bomb!

Historical Revisionism: A Quest For Many Truths   Truths last defender!

Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao et al: The Role Of Darwinian Evolution In

    Their Lives          says a lot!

The Koran And Creation           teaches non-moving earth ten times!

The Preterit View: Straining At A Gnat And Swallowing A Camel  

              nice try, but no cigar...

The Talmud             if you don't know what this says...

This is all part of the puzzle!

Genesis I:1-5: Creationist Stonewalling Of Bible Geocentricity:     Decision Time Approaches...            10, 9, 8, 7...

The Universe: Finite Or Infinite?         elementary, my dear Watson!

New Earth Or Re-newed Earth?         renders Millennialism Doctrine impossible...

Does Jesus Return To This Earth?       Ditto, big time!

Jesus: King Now, Or Coming King?       Ditto again!

Day And Night In Heaven, Or Just Day?       and again!

The 7th Trumpet, (c. about 3 months) Is the "1000 yrs." of

      Revelation 20...       the coup de grace!

Very Promising!


The Electric Universe  Gravity: Take a number and sit over there....

Tides    Newtonian overkill...Electric Universe related...


  Exposing The Copernican Deception: The Cataclysmic Impact on  Every Field of Modern Man's "Knowledge"    You will see it plain as day!.

  God's Promised Judgment Begins 'At The House Of God'  Whoa! 

Hate Crime Laws  Hate Crime Laws      Look behind the mask!

Hate Crime Laws  Tycho Brahe Poisoned?!   Please state your full name, Mr. Kepler....

  The Theoretical Science Establishment Controls Cosmological And       Biological Sciences -  (In Four Parts....)          


COSMIC ANCESTRY: The Desperate Embrace of The Panspermia Hypothesis Tells the World About the Plight of Evolutionary Theories    Evolutionism is out of gas!



THE HISTORY OF BIG BANGISM'S TRIUMPH: A Comedy of Errors  It really is!








Three Part Response To Book Review In Creationist Publication

Here  Time is running out Creationists....


Scripture Declares "The Shroud of Turin" A FAKE!

Here  Geocentrism lesson in this!

    What About Allah?

A Peek Behind the Crescent Moon of Islam

Here    A Spiritual blockbuster!

Thirty-Six Bristles

Here   Don't argue with The Designer!

Darwin's German Bulldog and Marx's Right-Hand Man

Recognized the Unbreakable Link Between Darwinism and Copernicanism

Here  I see it!  I see it! 


The Direction of the Moon's Shadow During a Solar Eclipse

Here  Ah, well....

Overwhelming Mathematical Evidence for the Inspiration of the Bible

Here   Argue with the Bible??  Try this one!

What's Behind The rising Tide Of Paganism

In Christian Churches & World-Wide?

Part I - HERE   The groundwork was laid in 1543....

Part II - HERE  - Progressing nicely in 2005... But!!

"Virtual" Reality Or "Actual"Reality:

Which Is Science & Which Is Fraud?

HERE  Puff, the magic dragon....

Whither the "Origins Program"

Under NASA's New Administrator??

HERE And you thought those NASA links were wrong, eh?

Falwell & The Religious "Right":

The Ultimate Source Of Zionism's Power?

HERE   Closing in....


The First To Mix Religion And Mathematics?

HERE  It's All Greek To Me....

Quotations From Contemporary Scientists

Declaring Geocentricity Model Just As Valid

As Heliocentricity Model

HERE   It's safe to reject the rotating, orbiting earth concept!!

Popes Have Both Condemned and Embraced


HERE   They were right the first time!  Now what??

It's Hardball Time Creationists:

No More Stonewalling Against Bible Geocentrism!

HERE   Enough is Enough!

Kabbala - Part I - Will Christians et al Fight Back When They Realize

                             That The Bible-bashing "Big Bang Creation Scenario"

                             Is Just  A Competing Religious Concept From The Kabbala

                             Brought To Pass By A Theoretical Science Establishment? HERE  We'll  see.... 


Kabbala - Part II - No Doubt About It: The Kabbala Is The Root Source

                             of Today's Hypothesis-based Cosmological "Science"  HERE  Once understood, then what?!


Kabbala - Part III - Judaism: Theological Anarchy...Or Kabbalists in Control All Along? HERE   

Who's got the ball?!


Kabbala - Part IV - Some Insights To Ponder and Evaluate About the Hidden, Secretive

                                       Makeup Of Kabbalism    HERE    Shhhhhhh....


Kabbala - Part V - The Oral Tradition Concept - The Chosen People Concept - The Messiah Concept

          HERE   Gets interesting, doesn't it?


Kabbala - Part VI - Occult Religion & Spurious Science Declare:

                                       Six Days And 15 Billion Years Are The Same Time Frame

HERE   Oh boy!  What next?!


Kabbala - Part VII - The Concept of A Rotating Earth Orbiting the Sun Is Both the Pseudo-

                                 Scientific Foundation and the Achilles Heel of Modern Kabbala-Based

                                 Cosmology   HERE   Eureka!


Kabbala "Superstring" Physics

HERE   Your shoes are untied...

Sixty-Seven Scriptural References

Which Tell Us That It Is The Sun

And Not The Earth That Moves

HERE   So whadaya think you ought to do about it, Preacher? Churchperson?

  • ICR and AIG Responses to Effort to Get Their Leadership to Stop Stonewalling Against the Creationist Geocentricity Issue and Stop Promoting the Contra-Scriptural Heliocentricity Cosmology   HERE   NO

  • My Letter to Dr. John Morris, President, ICR   HERE  OK

The Biblical Truth About The Trinity Doctrine:

Jesus' Role In God the Father's Eternal Plan 

HERE  for a 4 page  treatment of the subject....

The Trinity Doctrine:

It's Clarification Time!

HERE  for a 12 page in-depth treatment of the subject....

Heaven: For Christians Only?

A Close Look At The Relevant Scriptures

Gives Us The Biblical Answer

HERE  It's about time, don't you think?

From Copernicanism Through Big Bangism

Modern Cosmology's Model Of The Universe

Is Built Solely On ASSUMPTIONS

HERE "Science" (scire) means "to know", not "assume"!

The Size and Structure of the Universe

According to the Bible and Non-Theoretical Science

Part I....."Star Reflections In The Biblical Model" - HERE  I wish I may, I wish I might...

Part II...."Highly Reflective Water Crystals Are The 'Waters Above' The Biblical

               Firmament" - HERE    Plain and simple....

Part III..."Rare Scriptural Confirmation of the Role of Reflections in The Biblical

               Model of the Universe - HERE  Ezekiel, you wascal you!

Part IV... Star Trails: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words  - HERE  Well??

Part V.... The Mother of All Space Science Fraud Is At Work In The Measurement

               of Star Distances  - HERE  An absolutely deadly revelation for all of modern cosmology...

Part VI... More Unyielding Evidence of Flagrant Deceptions In The Measurement of Star

               Distances - HERE   A cosmological Humpty Dumpty ready to fall!

Part VII.. A Clear and Unavoidable Choice Between the Biblical and the Kabbalist

                    Creationist Models Looms for One and All  - HERE   Ultimately, it's God or g'd....

These Are The Chief Obstacles Now Preventing The Truth

About The Size Of The Universe From Getting To People Everywhere:

HERE   Finally!

Mars Missions, Part I:

The Evolution Deception Goes Into High Gear

HERE   Evolution mania's self-glorification nearing its end...


Mars Missions, Part II:

"Australian Scientists and Their Dog..."

"NASA's Engineers and Scientists"

"The Martian Landscape: A Reality Check"

HERE  Shocking conclusions!...say Electric Universe Scientists...


Mars Missions, Part III:

NASA's Latest Lies Seek To End The Evolution Debate And

Declare Victory Of The Kabbala's Origins Scenario

Over The Bible's Origins Scenario

HERE We've got your number!


Creationists Who Accept Copernicanism Don't Realize That, Without It,

The Big Bang Cosmology Which They Reject Would Immediately

Self-Destruct and Destroy the Entire Superstructure of Evolutionism....

HERE   Is the Holy Spirit taking notes on Creationists reactions to attacking anti-Bible Copernicanism?

The Furor Over Mel's "Passion" Movie:

Is This the First Shot In A Truth Blitzkrieg By God To

Bring About A Global Confrontation With His Word

And The Forces That Seek Its Destruction??

HERE  Is this the handwriting on the wall?!

A Heavy Overdose Of Evolutionary Propaganda

Thinly Disguised As A Scientific Explanation For The

Rampant Obesity Problem In The United States

HERE   The Ubiquitous Evolution Lobby never rests...

Are Textbook Distances to Mars and Other Planets--as Well as

 to the Stars--Also A Necessary Part of A Great Deception

Now Upholding An Anti-Christ Religious Doctrine Which Teaches the

Evolution of the Universe, the Earth, and Mankind?

HERE  Hmmmm.... Let me repeat that: Hmmmm....

Transparent Deception In Yet Another

Alleged Extra-Solar Planet Discovery

HERE  Prevaricators are pulling out all stops....

Evolution's Vain Search

For Credibility Continues

HERE  Machiavelli rides again!

Madonna And The Kabbala:

A Copernican Connection

HERE  Pulling back the curtain....

The Scripturally Mandated Destiny

For All Churches During The Fall Of Babylon

HERE  Come out of Babylon, My People!

The Role Of The Ten Commandments For Christians

As Spelled Out In The New Testament Of Jesus Christ

HERE  It's time to get this right....

What Would Be The Effect Of Exposing

Copernicanism As The Keystone That Is

Holding Up ALL Evolutionary "Science"?

HERE   ...the Fall of Babylon, that's what!

Satan's Mortal Enemy:

God's Infallible Bible

HERE  Satan can't escape the killer "B"

Archives Debunk UFO's

HERE  Another nail in the "Aliens" coffin....

The Rapidly Approaching Culmination

Of The Biblical God's Plan From A to Z

HERE  Fasten your seat belts!


Why Islam Will Go Down When Babylon Falls

HERE  It has a good ending!

Responses in Three Parts to Biologist Dr. Camp's

Support of Evolutionism in the Local Paper

Part I

Evolutionism: It's Time To Play Hardball  HERE

Part II

Evolution Is A RELIGIOUS Doctrine That Is Taught

In Violation Of The Establishment Clause of The U.S. Constitution  HERE

Part III

Points of Fact And Law For Conducting Cases

Involving The Teaching Of Evolutionism In U.S. Schools  HERE

Intelligent Design Pitfalls:

Is "ID" A Genuine Threat To The Evolution Monopoly?

Or Is it A Tricky Compromise To Save Factless Evolutionism?

HERE  Careful!  Cuidado!  Huten!

"Darwin And The Church In England:

Are We [in the USA] Next?"

HERE  YES!...Unless....

Ten Step Process For Exposing And Destroying

The 15 Billion Year Evolutionary "Creation Scenarion"

HERE You can swallow these three pages with your morning coffee....

Falsifying The Geosynchronous Satellite Concept

HERE  Give it up!


Three Part Legal Model For Removing Evolutionism From Schools In The USA

Part I - Georgia HB 179 Model - HERE

Part II - Attachment of Evidence for HB 179 - HERE

Part III - Addendum With Extra Evidence - HERE


The Global Warming Obsession

Rests on the Acceptance of Billions of Years of Evolutionism

HERE  Now you're getting warm!


The Similarities and the Differences Between the Humanist Religion

and the Pharisee Religion Relevant to "Evolution Science" and the U. S. Constitution

HERE  A very important difference!


Exposure of "Evolution Science" as a Contra-Scientific

Religious "Creation Scenario" Will Divide the Populations of the World

HERE  Remember: God doesn't lose!


Sola Scriptura I

The Only Lawful Guide for Christian Church Doctrines

HERE  Don't mess with God's Word!


Sola Scriptura II

The Effort to Destroy Christianity: The Scheme and the Remedy

HERE  "...and the Lamb shall overcome them..."

Sola Scriptura III

Evolution and Acceptance of a Homosexual Lifestyle

HERE  ("...and such WERE some of you." i Cor. 6:9-11)

Sola Scriptura IV

Kabbala Phariseeism or Bible Christianity?

HERE  (eternal death or eternal life....)


Physicists Create Phony Math To Rule Out A Non-Moving Earth

HERE  1 pg  [Didn't know that, did ya?]

Bible-Based Christianity: Down For The Count


Getting Ready To Take On All Challengers And Win?!

HERE  3 pgs  [Round 15....]

The 800 lb. Gorilla That Is Being Ignored

By ALL Christian Churches

HERE  3 pgs  [I tried to tell you...]


Dr. Humphreys' Universe: Neither Biblical nor Scientific

HERE  1 pg  [Will they never learn!]


Don't You Love It When...?

HERE 3 pg  No more time outs left.... 


Evolutionism: The Real Opiate Of The Masses

HERE  2 pgs  The world has overdosed....


The Bible Promises A Brief Satan-Empowered Global Government

HERE  1 pg  Count on it!


Satan: The Ultimate Conspirator

HERE  3 pgs  [You always knew that, right?]


Salvation Requirements Will Be Changed When Bible Inerrancy Is Proven

By The Exposure Of The False Science Establishment's Deceptions

HERE  3 pgs  [That's right. Check it out.]


Christian Zionist's Powerful Role In the U.S./Israel Alliance

HERE  3 pgs  [ Theological WMD !!]


Creationist's End Time Doctrine Is Blocking Exposure of the Evolution Lie

HERE  7 pgs  [Unexpected, but true!]


Armageddon Is A One Day "Battle"

HERE  5 pgs  [Away with all the Fiction!]

End Time Teachings: The Non-Biblical & The Biblical

HERE  3 pgs  [Repeat: Away with all the Fiction!]


Dispensationalist Pre-Trib Rapture Teaching Is A Satanic Trap 

HERE  1 pg  [Watch your step!]

Changing A Biblical Word Can Change A Doctrine!

HERE  3 pgs  [Don't change that Word!]


The "Theistic Evolutionist" Swan Song

HERE  3 pgs  [Time to get out!]


False Science & The Pharisee Religion:

Satan's Ultimate Weapons Against The Bible And God

HERE  3 pgs  [A spiritual blitzkrieg is coming!]


Audio Sessions

Seventy-Seven  Titles on False Science, Doctrines, and Religions:



Part I - "Identity and Other Race-Based Teachings"


Part II - "The 'Identity' Teachings of Pastor Eli James et al"



Archived Monthly Bulletins for 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012....

Previous Bulletins


Icke et al



Space Science: Mass Hypnosis At Work



Kepler Telescope Lies From NASA



The Bible As The Source Of All Truth Is Coming Back

As God's Prelude To The End Of This Old Earth. Get Ready!

Also December 2012 Bulletin  HERE


Establishing A Global Government Will Signal The

Bible's Countdown To the New Earth and New Heavens

Part I: The Mayan Calendar & Biblical "End Times (Also January 2013 Bulletin)  HERE

Part II: The Fall Of Babylon (Also February 2013 Bulletin  HERE

Part III:1st Through 6the Trumpet Plagues Reveal End Time Truths. HERE




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