October 2011 Bulletin


Again! The Bible Facts Which Falsify All Millennialist Teaching!!


There is no Bible Scripture depicting Jesus Christ ruling 1000 years on this earth.  None!

If True, there aught to be a lot of it, don't you think?!


When it comes to all the "end time" preaching and teaching that is claimed to be Christian, everybody needs to ask themselves one question: Are there unmistakably plain teachings in the Bible which falsify all end-time Millennialist claims?  ALL OF THEM?!


The answer is a loud YES!  There is abundant such teaching!


It is simply not possible to read the Scriptural evidence in the one page Bulletins over the past five months without KNOWING beyond any doubt that the Bible teaches. 1) An entirely NEW--not renewed--Earth [1]. 2) That Jesus would never set foot on this old earth after His ascension [2]. 3) That Jesus has been King since before His Crucifixion [3]. 4) That the martyr Scriptures just by themselves prove no literal millennium [4]. 5) That the 7th Trumpet time frame (2-3 months) of The Revelation is the figurative 1000 years of Chapter 20 [5] .


Whether a person believes some, all, or none of what the Bible says on those five subjects isn't the point. The point is: They are in the Bible!  That means that any literate person who reads what the Bible explicitly declares on those five subjects will understand exactly what is said.  Whether one cares or believes what it says is not the issue. What the Bible actually says is the issue. (Use KJV or NKJV as control when dealing with doctrines.)


Also--given what the Bible actually says on these subjects--it is equally plain that all end-time doctrines in all Christian Churches which teach a literal reign of Jesus Christ on this earth are False Doctrines. The Bible never teaches that Jesus returns to the ground on this earth [6]. Never.


Therefore, if you are someone who is interested in knowing what the Bible REALLY SAYS & DOESN'T SAY on this explosive Millennialist "end time" subject, read those five one page links again, checking all the expanded references if you want more backup. And tell others quickly!


Then, after these Truths have sunk in, start looking at what the Bible really says on other KEY subjects! [7]  (And, watch for the effect of all this on the New Apostolic Reformation Dominionism "wave"  in The November Bulletin.)