Anti-Evolution Book Testimonials:

These are some comments from Scholars, Educators, Students, Religious Leaders et al about The Truth: God Or Evolution? that were made during the first of six printings of c. 37,000 copies. The seventh printing has been revised, re-formatted, and re-titled (The Truth About Evolution).

William A. McCall (Professor Emeritus, Teacherís College, Columbia University): "A truly magnificent presentation which brings together in small compass matters which are of profound significance.... It should be required reading in every course in science, sociology, psychology, biology, and religion."

Bolton Davidheiser, Ph.D. Zoology: "...easy to read and can be understood by all...we believe the book can persuade many that evolution is a delusion."

Dr. W. P. Shofstall, Former Superintendent, Arizona Department of Education: "I feel it should be read by every teacher in our schools."

Dr. William J. Tinkle, Geneticist, Zoologist: "Thanks for your assumption shattering book...."

Dr. William E. Lammerts, Geneticist, Plant Breeder, Geological Researcher: "Your book is excellent!"

Thomas G. Barnes, Ph.D., Physicist: "The book does contain a comprehensive exposure of the fallacies of evolution and demonstrates the potential for enlightenment that can be gained by shedding the shackles that evolution imposes on minds."

Winston Clarke, BA, MA, High School Economics Teacher: "My belief in the theory of evolution has certainly been shaken, to say the least."

Carlie DuBose, BS, MS, High School Instructor of Advanced Biology: "Your book is very good.... I would certainly recommend it for high school and colleges."

Dennis Mason, BA, Wounded Viet Nam Veteran and High School Social Studies Teacher: "With the help of this book it is time we revamp our educational system and expose to the general public that evolution is not the basis of life."

Ruth Terry, BS, MS, Florida Southern College Mathematics Professor: "I find this book very convincing."

Thomas Gaskins, Museum Operator: "You proved the evolutionists wrong with their own words."

Lloyd Neely, E.I. DuPont Office Manager: "It was so good that I hated to put it down."

Osyth Leeston, Reader at John Murray Publishers, London, England, the original and continuing publishers of Darwin: "We have been giving very careful consideration to your book...which our readers found both stimulating and convincing.... We also agree that the book does undermine the theory of evolution and we congratulate you."

Dr. John R. Rice, Ed., The Sword of the Lord: "I think your book is wonderful!"

C. C. Ryrie, Graduate Dean, Dallas Theological Seminary: "One of the finest, concise treatments of the gross inadequacies of evolution. This books presents the facts with great force.... The book is highly recommended for high school and college youth, and adults."

John D. Jess, "Chapel of the Air" Director: "This is the most exciting book Iíve ever read on the subject. Your book "grabbed me" because it was an ideal combination--down to earth, extremely logical, and with just the right pinch of humor."

Christianity Applied: Christian Periodical Review: "It will make a powerful impact on the non-Christian mind."

Yvonne Anderson, High School Sophomore: "I have read the book which has totally and without a doubt disproved the theory of evolution for me."

Charles Banks, High School Senior: "I honestly feel that if your book was broadcast through the school systems it would not be long until the theory of evolution crumbled."