"Virtual" Reality Or Actual Reality:

Which Is Science And Which Is Fraud?

Consider some of the revealing language used by experts

to describe computer-programmed "Virtual Reality" Space Technology:

"A work of art"     ***     "a dream"     ***     "an additional reality"     ***     "a new continent"     ***     "a new

reality"     ***     "a new kind of experience"     ***     "inventing reality"     ***     "new form of space"     ***    

"frontier colonization"    ***   "consensual hallucination using graphical representation of data"     ***     "liberating

potential of VR which can bring a new kind of Spiritual understanding"     ***     "computers are...media"     ***    

"VR...a gateway into another reality"     ***     "cultural alchemy"     ***     "computers are...reality generators"     ***    

"Voomies" [VR representations]...better than film"     ***     "Realism is a cultural construction dependent on time, place, and technology"     ***     "Intuitive molecule design...demonstrates usefulness of VR in theoretical science"     ***   

 "VR...a new space for liberation and universal understanding"     ***     "VR's appeal... computers can be reality

generators"     ***     "The VR fraternity...[has put] VR at the apex of the historical process....."

These rhapsodic assurances from several qualified sources tell us what VR technology means to its devotees.  They tell us what VR is doing and what it is capable of doing.  Obviously, in the minds of its fans, this technology represents a paradigm shift in the role of computers.  These advocates are talking about making real what is not real and calling it what it isn't, namely, REAL.  They are talking about a revolutionary Spiritual shift to a dimension of computer use which involves the black art of mind control, i.e., witchcraft....

The critical issues involved here are: a) Who creates this new reality that is not real? b) Who inputs it? c) Is the passion for creating computer-programmed deceptions about Space merely a tax-supported high tech video game for late-developing cyberpunks weaned on Star Treckian extraterrestrialism and Peruvian Grass?? Or: d) Are some folks with hard-core anti-Bible and even Kabbalist agendas behind these "reality generators"?  e) Does premeditated deception become "Science" because it uses Gee Whiz technology?                                                                  

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