The Theoretical Science Establishment Controls

Cosmological and Biological Sciences


Redshift And Infrared Technologies

Are Being Used Fraudulently

To Validate The Oversized Universe

Required By Big Bang Cosmology

Anyone who thinks that the NASA-controlled Space Agenda’s focus on its "Origins Program" would never be guilty of using state of the art technology to deceive the world about the size and makeup of space to further that "Program" has another think coming! That evolution-fixated Space Program is the backbone of a Religion that is totally committed to explaining the origin of the universe, the Earth, and all life forms by an evolutionary process requiring billions of years.

This fixation is not widely known or understood, but it is now available and open to scrutiny, and it is not difficult to understand. Supported by taxpayer billions each year, NASA’s "Origins Program" states plainly that the purpose, the goal, the raison d’etre of the whole massive undertaking...

" to find our cosmic roots". 1a

Another link on the NASA web page leaves no doubt about the details of this wholly naturalistic "creation" agenda now in virtually total control of both the Physical and the Natural "sciences":

"NASA’s Origins Program follows the 15- billion year long chain of events from

the birth of the Universe at the Big Bang, through the formation of the chemical

elements, galaxies, stars, and planets, through the mixing of chemicals and energy

that cradles life on Earth, to the earliest self-replicating organisms and the profusion

of life." 1b [Let that sink in real good....]


Everyone interested in distinguishing Truth from Deception--scientific or otherwise--needs to understand the kind of programming that has gone into computerized telescopes and cameras to get them to send back Virtual Reality Images (not "real" by definition) which are being used to indoctrinate the world with spurious information about the makeup and size and age of the universe. Those who would doubt that the Space Program: a) has such and agenda; or, b) that this is an agenda that is being furthered by the use of computerized telescopes and cameras specifically programmed to manufacture virtual reality images, or: c) that a religious agenda devoted to destroying Biblical Christianity is behind the "Origins Program", can erase those doubts (HERE & HERE & HERE).          

That said, we can approach the subjects of Redshift and Infrared Technologies in a frame of mind that is somewhat prepared to recognize their fraudulent use in upholding the essentials of that "Origins Program", namely: Billions of years, Geocentricity, Relativism, Big Bangism, and an Expanding Universe.

Redshift Technology: The Fraud Factor...

Any practice that is fraudulent can not be scientific. The word "science", we recall, comes for the root "scire" which means "to Know". True science therefore cannot rest its conclusions on any technology that can be computer manipulated to produce data than can make or break a ruling paradigm such as Big Bangism. The stakes are too high, the temptation too great, the manipulation too allow the fox to be in charge of this hen house.... Redshift Technology as applied by the Origins fixated agenda of the Space Program a fact-producing enterprise devoted to revealing truly factual (scientific) evidence about the cosmos? Or, is it merely another fraudulent use of technology that is being employed deceitfully to uphold those three essentials of the "Origins Program" and fulfill the Kabbalistic "creation" account behind them?


In an effort to get some answers, let’s put Mr. Redshift in a chair, turn the bright lights on him, and get out the rubber hose.... We’ve got to find out if he really is capable of upholding a practically endless and ageless universe now portrayed as scientific fact in the Big Bang Paradigm; or, rather, if he has merely succeeded in helping raise the Big Lie Technique to new heights... under the guise of high tech "evidence", of course....

Given the huge role of the Hubble Telescope in establishing the ages and distances involved in the makeup of the universe in the Big Bang Paradigm, let’s go beyond the overview given of Edwin Hubble in Part II where it was noted that he vacillated frustratingly between championing and rejecting an expanding universe caused by a Big Bang. Consider this from The Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada:

"Hubble concluded that his observed log N(m) distribution showed a large departure

from Euclidean geometry, provided that the effect of redshifts on the apparent magnitudes

was calculated as if the redshifts were due to a real expansion. A different correction is

required if no motion exists, the redshifts then being due to an unknown cause. Hubble

believed that his count data gave a more reasonable result concerning spatial curvature IF

the redshift correction was made assuming NO RECESSION [i.e., no expansion]. To the very end of his

writings he maintained this position, favoring (or at the very least keeping open) the model where no true expansion exists,

and therefore that the redshift "represents a hitherto unrecognized principle of nature". 2 [This viewpoint is

emphasized in several of Hubble's books, papers, and lectures....]  [Note: Emphasis added to quotations throughout....]   

Clearly then, the record shows that Hubble embraced a static universe concept early on, then went whole hog for an expanding universe, then waffled on the subject and basically returned to the static universe concept without stressing the return too loudly. The significance of Hubble’s ambivalence on this all-important aspect of determining the ages, distances, and overall makeup of the universe is hard to overstate. He was, after all, an astronomer whose "...success was remarkable, and his proportionate influence nearly unparalleled in modern astronomy." 3

The long and the short of the importance of the two models is this: While the Static Universe Model envisions a huge universe, it does not envision nor require the billions (and counting!) of light year distances demanded by the Big Bang’s indispensable corollary of an Expanding Universe. Moreover, the Static Model does not fulfill the "religious" requirement of the mystic, anti-Christ Kabbala regarding the creation of the universe and all life.

This latter requirement is no minor matter! When one recalls that the Zionist concept comes from the same mystic Kabbala as the Big Bang Paradigm, and that super-Zionist Einstein was the catalyst in finalizing monopolistic control over cosmology by Theorists (i.e., false scientists), an agenda emerges that clearly has nothing to do with true science except to distort it and use it as the perfect tool in fulfilling that all-but-hidden agenda. Whether Hans Bethe, Max Born, Niels Bohr, Arno Penzias, Carl Sagan, and NASA’s present head and author of the "Origins Program", Mr. Goldin (and numerous other lesser known Jewish scientists) have been instrumental in keeping control of cosmology in the hands of the "Theorists" because they too have supported Kabbalist Zionism and its "creationist" scenario, others can investigate. What is certain is that lifting the Kabbala’s Big Bang Paradigm out of the "ify" hypothesis category and putting it in the unapproachable light of "scientific fact"--and keeping it there!--is a goal of such knowledge-shaping importance that using any means to assure success and prevent exposure has been and will be employed.

Indeed, to think that the fraudulent use of technology to fulfill the Kabbala Creationist teaching--and at the same time destroy Bible Creationist teaching--is something too devious to even be considered is a thought process that simply by-passes naivete` and runs headlong into plain silly.... It’s just "cheating", after all! (Coincidentally, last night’s news (, 11/26/01) reported that 148 students at a major Eastern University were caught cheating on a physics exam. It was news, but everybody knows that cheating is no rarity in schools at all levels, as well as in every other walk of life where some important goal is at stake. If people will cheat to pass a test or accomplish a thousand other things, who is there among us so gullible and foolish as to think that the incredible power of the Theoretical Science Establishment--birthed and growing since Copernicus, and on afterburners since Darwin, Einstein, and Sagan--would not cheat in the use of computer-driven technologies that can either expose and destroy their whole show or raise it to new heights of glory?! Get real!) [Fortunately, a goodly percentage of Jews are either hostile to Zionism or passive about it. Many in the first category are strict Bible Creationists, and not a few are coming out against the Copernican root of all the wild cosmological fantasies bearing on the origin of the universe and life. It is time for Jews who are real scientists to step up to the plate and hit some homers for true science and send their theoretical science bosses--Jew and Gentile alike--back to the minors. Finklestein has stepped up to denounce the Holocaust Industry; Gabler has revealed Jewish control of Hollywood from the start; Koestler et al have revealed the Khazar ancestry of modern Jews; Sack et al have certified Zionist racism and Talmud-based vindictiveness against everything non-Zionist; and so on. It’s time now for Jewish scientists who love true science to stand up with other scientists of like values and expose the theorists who are using every means to destroy real science and replace it with science-fiction fantasies....]

As for the Redshift connection to certifying Big Bangism--and Hubble’s ambivalence about an Expanding Universe required for certification of that connection--we note the consternation in the words of pro-Big Bang astronomer Allan Sandage:

"The most curious impression we are left with [about Hubble] is his

lack of comment on the significance of the redshift phenomenon, which

is surely one of the most important discoveries in science. In none of

his writings did Hubble comment on the central importance that the form

of the redshift-distance law is linear.... Discovery of the linear form is

usually taken to be as important as the discovery of the expansion itself

if the phenomenon has any relevance to "the creation of the universe" 4

Professional astronomer Halton C. Arp--a leading critic of the use of Redshift technology to validate the great distances in the Big Bang universe--was once Hubble’s assistant. His discoveries over a long career are devastating to the entire Big Bang Paradigm, and have resulted in the virtual censorship of his books and papers. Because of the Net, however, those discoveries are being ably presented by several revisionists, most notably perhaps, by Amy Acheson. What follows are several quotations (with NET references) from Arp, Acheson and others which relate to the absolutely vital matter of Redshift technology being used fraudulently to uphold the Big Bang cosmological paradigm...[which paradigm one assumes that neither Arp nor his supporters realize is really Rabbinical cosmology outlined in the Kabbala in the 1st, 13th, and 16th centuries!]

With respect to the work of Hubble astronomers researching a class of galaxies that won’t conform to the linear requirements of Redshift which are so conspicuously missing in his writings, this NET article entitled "Redshift" states:


"Mainstream astronomy is presently trying to explain away a large set of high redshift

objects that are closely associated with low redshift galaxies as being optical illusions

caused by ‘gravitational lensing’. Here [below on the site] are ten examples of such groupings.

The only way such an optical illusion could occur is if Earth, a nearby galaxy, and a distant

 quasar (all three) precisely fall on a single straight [i.e., linear] line. Could this happen once? 

Surely. But dozens of times? Not likely. In fact, the probability is vanishingly small." 5

Furthermore, in "Redshifts and the Hubble Law", Ballard notes:

"‘Redshift’ describes the characteristic lines in the spectrum...which appear at longer

(redder) wave lengths than in a terrestrial laboratory. The simple explanation attributes

this effect to the recession velocity of the emitting source--like the falling pitch of a

receding train whistle, the Doppler effect. It was therefore concluded that the fainter

and smaller the galaxy, the more distant it is, and the faster it is moving away from us.

This velocity interpretation of the redshift - the apparent brightness relation - forms the

standard interpretation of the Hubble Law....

Extrapolating these velocities back to the origin of time gave rise to the concept of the

universe being created in a primeval explosion - the Big Bang cosmology....

...observations began to accumulate from 1966 that could not be accounted for by this

conventional explanation of the redshift effect. Some extra-galactic objects had to have

redshifts which were not caused by a recession velocity....

...some influential specialists reacted very strongly to these anomalous observations.

It was said they "violated known laws of physics" and must therefore be wrong; that is to

say, a useful hypothesis [not theory or "law"!] had been enshrined in dogma...." 6

A convincing array of easily understood technical explanations support this plain answer given to a question in the "Redshift" article:

"Is recessional velocity the only thing that can produce a redshift? It

has become clear that the answer to that question is an emphatic ‘NO!’" 7

The photographs taken by astronomer Arp through big telescopes revealed that many pairs of quasars which have very high redshift values "...are physically connected to galaxies that have low redshift AND ARE KNOWN TO BE RELATIVELY CLOSE BY." [Not surprisingly, these incriminating photos have been routinely cropped and ignored and the subjects declared to be receding very rapidly and, consequently, must be millions and even billions of light years distant rather than close by.] Again, the bottom line here is that:

"Because of Arp’s photos, the assumption that high redshift objects have to be very far away - on which the ‘Big Bang’ theory and all of ‘accepted cosmology’ is based - is proven to be wrong!" 8

But the Big Bangers have got too much riding on their game to roll over because of some incriminating photographs! Forget it! Theoretical "scientists" are in the cosmological driver’s seat and they will bloody well be damned if they will allow their mythical hypotheses to be overturned by what anyone can actually see in a bunch of photographs! Oh no! Not by the hair of your chinny chin chin! Throw the photographs away; put what you want into a computer and--viola!--what you want comes out. How simple is that? Notice how this works in an article entitled: "Imaging, Photometry, and Spectroscopy: The Primary Tools of Astronomy":

"Electronic light detectors, such as charge-coupled devices, or CCDs for short,

have now displaced photographic materials at most astronomical observatories.

These light detectors....produce data that can be recorded digitally and entered

directly into a computer for processing and analysis...." 9

According to NASA’s Cal Tech Media Relations Office, Dr. Daniel Stern has "played a key role in the discovery of a NEWFOUND QUASAR" by using "a spectral analysis of the quasar’s light". Issued "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE", Dr. Stern’s "team of astronomers identified the candidate after nights of deep (long exposure) imaging at CIT’s 200 inch Hale Telescope at Palomar Observatory in California and at the National Science Foundation’s 157 inch Mayall Telescope at Kitt Peak, AZ. A spectral analysis of the quasar’s light was then completed at the Keck Observatory in Hawaii..."

"In images, said Dr. Stern, ‘quasars can look very much like stars, but a spectral

analysis of a quasar’s light reveals its true character. This quasar told us that it was ‘An Ancient’ -- one of the universe’s first structures.....

...Scientists believe that quasars get their fuel from super-massive black holes that eject enormous amounts of energy as they consume surrounding matter....

...A quasar’s ‘redshift’ measures how fast the object is moving away from us as the universe expands, and is a good indicator of cosmic distances....Stern’s quasar has journeyed about 13 billion years to get here....’" 10

Check the citation and you can read about the method of validation of this discovery whereby the California and Arizona images were subjected to spectral analysis in Hawaii and the quasar won the title of "The Most Distant In The Universe". NASA sponsored goosebumpy hyping of this sort has become a standard news genre in all the major media, as all can attest. One wonders what it would be like if the censorship of information which debunks such "discoveries" were to get loose on the tube, the NET, and in print....

For example, the sudden switch from "Dr. Stern’s team of astronomers" to the generic "scientists believe" slyly enlists the whole science establishment behind this "discovery". What discovery?? That one where easily fudged computer-certified spectral analysis software declares that a new quasar--the most distant in the universe--has been found?? That one where the Big Bang Babble continues about quasars getting their fuel from super-massive black holes that can mysteriously eject enormous amounts of energy outward as they simultaneously suck inward all surrounding matter and even light?? [Vot a trick, alreddy!] That one where NASA’s Media Relation Office has breathlessly announced "For Immediate Release" to its TV network lackeys its wonderful message to the world?? You know, that message which tells us that we are all just infinitesimal, meaningless specks of offal in an endless ocean of space and matter where hydrogen atoms and bacteria of unexplained origin turns into people and a variety of Star Trekian apparitions over billions of years?? Oooo! It’s so exciting and uplifting to be regularly assured by "science" that everything that exists in all its ineffable design and function is just an accumulation of cosmic accidents over billions of years and that all the God and heaven stuff is just superstitious nonsense. It’s heartwarming, I’ll tell ya. We owe these "scientists" so terribly much that it is difficult to put into words.... [It has been said that man will believe anything to keep from believing the Bible. The Theoretical Science Establishment has given full meaning to that saying. That Establishment is now on afterburners to complete its agenda by: a) Intensified indoctrination into the factless extraterrestrial evolution nonsense with these bogus "discoveries", and b) Unwittingly or knowingly playing a major role in laying the groundwork for making Bible-based religion a "hate crime" meriting fines and imprisonment under a World Court’s mandate. HERE ]

This NASA-endorsed drumbeat for Big Bangism cannot be relaxed but must be continued relentlessly, of course. Otherwise, readily falsifiable and desperate hypotheses which are propped up by the fraudulent use of Redshift and Infrared and other technologies would be open to exposure and true science might elbow its way into the limelight. Even more threatening to long laid plans, revelation of the Kabbalist source of today’s cosmological edifice, namely, Relativism, Big Bangism, and an Expanding Universe, could blow the lid off of over four centuries of secularist reshaping of man’s knowledge which began in earnest with the anti-Bible Copernican Revolution and the subsequent deification of theoretical science.

Anyway, since so many of the claims of Big Bang supportive cosmology have become dependent on "black holes" as the source of "fuel" for quasars, it is instructive to take the gag off of some critics of that concept. Indeed, sensing that the "Black Hole" mythology is indispensable to Big Bang mythology, let’s get a little tighter grip on how the inherently contradictory nature of black holes is revealed by qualified people who refuse to go along with the Redshift fraud and the stranger- than-fiction concepts it has produced:

Physicist Thornhill, for example, says flatfootedly:

"There are no neutron stars or black holes...." 11

He goes much further in many of his assessments of the nature of the universe and the lamentable tyranny of the Big Bangers in control of cosmology today. Here is one of many statements which includes the black hole invention amongst others [all of which are graphically and photographically depicted in color at his web site]:

"For more than ten years plasma physicists have had an electrical model of galaxies. It works in real world physics. The model is able to successfully account for the observed shapes and dynamics of galaxies without recourse to invisible dark matter and central black holes. It explains simply the powerful electric jets seen issuing along the spin axis from the cores of active galaxies. Recent results from mapping the magnetic field of a spiral galaxy confirm the electric model....

...Incredible gravitational models involving invisible ‘black holeshave had to be invented in a desperate attempt to explain how the attractive force of gravity can result in matter being ejected in a narrow jet at relativistic speeds."

Why do we accept such science fiction as fact when an Electric Universe predicts spiral shapes, magnetic fields and jets? The cosmic magnetic fields simply delineate the electric currents that create, move and light the galaxies." 12

The reasons why the Big Bang Paradigm rules the roost in Lilliputland (as Eddington labeled it early on) include but go much deeper than this observation by Thornhill:

"...If evidence were required that investigative journalism in science is ‘dead in the water’...

it is that plasma cosmology is practically unknown to the public. The media prefers the

easy option of science fiction theories about things we cannot see - the Big Bang, black

holes, neutron stars and dark matter, instead of boring classical physics and laboratory

plasma experiments. This is exceedingly perverse when plasma physicists best understand

the behavior of charged plasma, which forms 99% of the matter in the universe...." 13

[This censorship is real but involves a whole lot more than a preference for science fiction theories over real science. As established in "The Spiritual Roots of NASA’s Big Bang Premise" (HERE) and amplified at other links on this Web Page (especially HERE), the fulfillment of a Religious Agenda is what has driven Big Bangism to its dominance over modern cosmology and its exclusion of many aspects of the real science-supported and immediately intelligible Electric Universe paradigm. As will be spelled-out in PART IV, not only truth-seeking astronomers and astrophysicists and engineers will continue to be marginalized into limbo by their failure to recognize the Kabbalistic root of the exclusivist Big Bang Creation Brotherhood, but so will truth-seeking people of all walks of life. It’s serious business. Look for it....]

One more brief set of observations about black holes and we can move on to the role of infrared technology in the overall scheme to solidify and protect the Big Bang Paradigm and all that is dependent on its perpetuation. Consider particularly the common sense logic in the third paragraph:

"...Notice that, even though no "black hole" has ever been directly observed, the presence

of one is often claimed (almost like a mantra).


In the image shown above [p. 4] there is obviously a line of five or more high intensity,

young, X-ray emitting objects being symmetrically ejected from M82. No black hole magic

is needed. There is a high degree of plasma activity. There are undoubtedly high amplitude

electrical currents producing large pinch forces that create and expel these objects.


If there is a ‘black hole’ in the middle of everything, why is matter pouring OUT rather

than IN? There is an old saying: ‘When you hear hoofbeats, do not look only for zebras’.

When there is a powerful emission of material occurring, it might be wise not to immediately

postulate the presence of a ‘black hole’ that sucks everything, including light, IN!" 14

Seeing Red Again

Meet Oliver Redshift’s closest companion, Hardy Infrared. These two scientists--Redshift and Infrared...Oliver and Hardy--work hand in hand to give us an expanding universe billions of light years deep and growing. Without them the Big Bang would be the Big Flop. Without them the mountain of deception which sustains the Theoretical Science Establishment would be leveled. Indeed, without them--and the overt computerized fabrication of Virtual Reality Images programmed into space telescopes and cameras (HERE)--the layers of contra-scientific assumptions upholding the whole cosmological enterprise would systematically fall away and reveal the false premise upon which all is built, namely, Copernican heliocentricity.

We’ve seen some of Ollie Redshift’s role in this cosmological comedy of errors; now let’s go over some of Hardy Infrared’s script.... First, we notice that the bucket of paint he is carrying is--like infrared technology--a real thing with real uses (just like the two-by-four Ollie is carrying....) The sleeping cat on the first step and the man approaching in a wheel chair suggest some uses for the paint and two-by-four other than those intended by their manufacturers. (Cut and wrap...)

So it is with infrared technology. Like redshift, it has a real use, but, go beyond that and the results--viewed from a tree--are pure slapstick with computer imaging, funny telescopes and cameras, virtual reality software, etc., as props instead of the bucket of paint, the two-by-four, the cat, and the wheelchair...and...Ahh, yes, it’s Lady Vanderpuque being helped out of her Rolls at the curb....

Anyway, from the following knowledgeable sources, let’s notice briefly what Infrared Technology is, what it can do and what it can not do. From a publicity sheet for an Infrared company in Arizona we note:

"...In addition to infrared, we also work in the visible...." 15

In other words, as is widely known and as we shall see repeatedly confirmed, what Infrared technology enables man to do is "see" some things that he cannot actually see, i.e., things that simply are not visible to the eye. From another company’s factsheet entitled "Infrared Thermal Imaging: Theory and Application" we learn just from the title that we are talking about "imaging" something rather than actually seeing it. Note this important distinction and some other capabilities and limitations of this technology that are mentioned:

"Thermal infrared imagers are detector and lens combinations that give a visual

representation of infrared energy emitted by all objects above 0. K. In other words,

thermal imagers let you "see" heat. Depending on the sophistication of your system

thermography [heat imaging] is capable of providing very detailed images of

situations invisible to the naked eye.


Thermal images cannot see through walls, although you can gather much information

about the inside of the wall as well as what is happening on the other side of the wall....

You would also be able to see things like studs inside the walls, or damaged insulation

in roofing applications. We hope this dispels a few of the most common myths regarding

infrared energy. Thermal imagers in Hollywood and in real life are very different...." 16

At this point it is important to: a) Understand the limits of what allegedly can be seen through the orbiting satellite telescopes and cameras, and: b) What is claimed to be seen by infrared imaging beyond what is claimed to be seen through telescopes. As for letter "a", the information about images fabricated by computerized space telescopes and cameras puts all the big claims over in the "Hey, wait a minute!" category (HERE).  As for letter "b" about infrared imaging of what isn’t even claimed to be seen (so Ollie Redshift and comrades can join in and tell us all about the universe), we can start by firming up Hubble’s limits:

"Contrary to press reports, Hubble Space Telescope (HST) does not enable us to "see"

further than ground-based telescopes, but it does allow us to observe objects with much

greater clarity...." 17

[Interesting. What percentage of the population has thought astronomers have been seeing much much  further with the HST than they ever could with ground based telescopes, I wonder...?]

From remarks about the work of the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) (operating from 11/’95 to 5/’98) we read a confirmation of Hubble’s limits:

"...Collisions trigger star formation within dense dust clouds [hypothesis stated as fact].

These are opaque [obscure, unintelligible] to visible light, so that even the Hubble Space

Telescope is blind to events within them." 18

These facts tell us three things: 1)For all the talk about the Hubble Telescope opening up the universe, it really can "see" no further than ground-based telescopes. 2) At the extreme reach of Hubble’s capabilities, there are dense dust clouds which prevent seeing (i.e., observing-knowing) what is beyond. 3) So, this is where Infrared Technology goes to work imaging beyond what can be seen and translating those images into the whole raft of assumptions now propping up the Big Bang Paradigm of the universe.

Can Infrared do all that?! Or is it a technology which has some remarkable but limited capabilities (like the HST)?? Have those capabilities been fudged and stretched and kneaded and Hollywoodized into Einstein’s fantasyland to a point where they no longer serve true science?? Is all this being done to allow Redshift to stay on the mound and keep Big Bangism way ahead in the final innings against its arch adversary Big Bibleism??

Well, let’s try to get some answers by getting an even better understanding of the extraordinary claims made by deep space cosmologists today, claims dependent upon the alleged capabilities of Infrared Technology. After all, the entire deep space mythomania is riding on those claims! So, first, we need to keep in mind that Infrared Technology is heat-detecting technology. It does not work at all unless there is some thermal energy--some heat, however slight--being emitted which can be imaged. Note this:

"Infrared radiation is primarily ‘heat’, or thermal radiation. Even objects we think of

as being very cold, such as an ice cube, emit infrared radiation...." 19

OK. Now an ice cube is cold (no "warmer" than 32 degrees F). But that is a long, long, long way from minus 459.7 degrees Fahrenheit on the Rankine scale (-273.16 Celsius on the Kelvin scale)! I mean, Brrrrr! Is there measurable heat all the way down to absolute zero which is sufficient to enable infrared technology to "see through" a barrier and accurately image what is beyond? That is what is claimed from the mission of the Infrared Space Observatory from 11/95 to 5/98. Note again:

"...Opaque [i.e., obscure, unintelligible] objects, those surrounded by clouds of dust, are

another specialty of ISO because the longer Infrared wavelenghts can penetrate the

dust, allowing us to see deeper into such clouds...." 20

What dust clouds? The ones that Hubble can’t penetrate and beyond which no man has seen.... "Penetrate"?? "see deeper"??.... Millions of light year distances deeper?!! Please, give us a break!


Given: a) The admitted Origins agenda of the NASA-led space exploration agenda; b) Its commitment to the Relativistic-Big Bang-Expanding Universe Paradigm; c) Its commitment to and dependency upon gravitational explanations; and, d) The Kabbalistic antecedents of Big Bang based cosmology, I find the following bottom line claims about Infrared technology to fall on a scale somewhere between "highly suspicious" and "patently deceitful". See first what you think of this description of one of the four instruments reporting on "facts" derived from the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) mission (11/95 -6/98):

"The single 0.6 metre telescope in ISO fed infrared beams via a pyramidal mirror to

four instruments. The fields of view and the selection of wavelengths are varied to

suit the nature of the object examined.... [Huh? Sounds like pre-planned customized

deduction! ]


The Photo-polarimeter (ISOPHOT) [is] designed to detect the amount of infrared

radiation [heat] emitted by an astronomical object . The broad range of wavelengths

at which ISOPHOT operated (between 2.5 and 240 microns) allowed it to ‘see’ objects

 as cool as the clouds of dust lying among stars and galaxies, whose temperature

may be just a few degrees above absolute zero (minus 273 degrees C [-459 degrees F])...." 21

[Carefully note that the claim here is that this one-of-a-kind instrument [defunct since May ‘98] has "seen" stars and galaxies millions of light years beyond dust clouds which it allegedly is able to penetrate and image based on an alleged emission of heat that "may be just a few degrees above absolute zero", i.e., just barely barely barely "may be" in a range that can be detected. How marvelously convenient!]

Note again the pivotal importance of the alleged temperature differential in these alleged "astronomical objects" said to be trillions of miles beyond the trillions of miles thick dust clouds. Keep in mind that no telescope can "see" through those clouds. This means that the entire fantastic makeup of the cosmos beyond those clouds that man calls real science today is dependent upon infrared technology imaging through those clouds across those alleged mind-boggling distances. Then, after you have made those quantum leaps of faith in the sources behind these kinds of reports, recall that it is claimed that not only can Infrared Technology get enough heat from an ice cube to do its job, but that it also detects enough heat to make these fantastic claims all the way from the 32 degree Fahrenheit ice cube down to absolute zero (minus 459 degrees Fahrenheit; minus 273 Centigrade).

We shall see some of the excited claims of "discoveries" made by the Infrared Space Observatory momentarily; but consider again the alleged temperature differential above absolute zero--and all that is riding on that differential!--in those telescopically impenetrable "quiescent" [still, inactive, dormant] dust clouds:

"...These regions are called ‘quiescent’ or ‘cold’ clouds, because they don’t form

massive stars and hence lack strong internal heat sources. They are at a mean

temperature of -263* C [-459*F], just 10 degrees above absolute zero." 22

[Gosh! Golly and Gee whiz! Now that is exciting! I mean, it makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck! Theoretical science is so marvelous, so inspiring, so lucky!  Here we are at 460 degrees below zero and it is discovered that just barely enough heat is still being emitted to enable Infrared to kick in and image a whole universe trillions of miles beyond...which just by chance upholds Big Bang Cosmology!  Isn’t that marvelous?!  All hail, Infrared!!]

And just look at all the water that these incredibly auspicious ten degrees have revealed in the cosmos! It’s been forming there for billions of years just waiting for NASA & Co. to discover it so they can advance the extraterrestrial evolutionism concept and give wings to their "Origins Program"! Oooooo, Ohhhhh....I can’t tell you what wonderful news this is.... You’ll excuse me; I am getting a little choked up. It’s more than.... Oh my goodness! Just think about it.... Science is proving evolutionism everywhere! No God, no Bible, no rules! Free at last, free at last; thank Infrared and Redshift and Virtual Reality imaging, we’re free at last!

"...In the Orion nebula, for instance, ISO found enough water to fill

the earth’s oceans thousands of times over.... On the other hand,

water in liquid form does not exist in space...only ices had been

detected so far in cold clouds. But astronomers knew that there was

water in cold clouds...unless water vapour could be found.... 23

But then.... You guessed it; those little rascals found it!  Look:

"As Italian astronomer Andrea Moneti explains, ‘in cold regions you expect to find most

of the water forming ices [really, at only -450 F!] because water vapour condenses on cold

 dust grains, much as it does on car roofs and windows in the winter. In warmer regions,

 on the contrary, the stars heat the environment and the ice on the dust grains evaporates - as

when the sun makes the frost evaporate off your car .... [assumption upon assumption]

there had to be at least some water vapour in quiescent clouds, only it had not been detected....


[After "fingerprinting" light that has passed thru "several cold clouds"] Moneti and

his colleagues used data stored in the ISO Archive, and were lucky [again!]. They detected

 the presence of both water vapour and solid ices in the cold regions..... Water turns out to

be very abundant.... [Ohhh, my goodness...I’m so surprised, aren’t you!]


The team has also found that 99% of the water is ice while only 1% is in gaseous form.

Knowing this percentage has important implications for the study of newborn planetary

systems: [All hypotheses; planets are computer generated from these gravity dependent,

computer imaged hypotheses; none have ever actually been observed] It provides new data

to help understand the role of water in the formation of planets and comets. [ye gads!]

Although the process is not yet fully understood, a simplified description (!) is that part

of the ice remains unprocessed and ends up in comets while the rest turns into vapour

and is used, together with the original water vapour, to make planetary atmospheres and

gaseous planets.... 24 [so that ET can breathe, right?!]

Well, there you have an "explanation" of a vital component in the extraterrestrial evolutionist paradigm, namely, the alleged origin and abundance of water which then is allegedly carried throughout a virtually endless cosmos helping to make stars and planets and atmospheres and comets and thousands of other things over billions of years and ultimately turning all these unseen and unknown accidents into Rachmaninoff here and the Klingons there.... And in great part the success of all this cosmological fantasizing masquerading as "science" is owed to Redshift and Infrared and other computerized technologies programmed to further a Space exploration agenda that is overtly committed to "...finding our cosmic origins" and covertly committed to fulfilling an anti-Biblical, Kabbalist Big Bang "creation" scenario....

The situation is a carbon copy of the one involving the knowledge shaping Darwinian mythology, now moribund and at pains to amalgamate with the Panspermia Mythology (HERE)...if a way can be found to do it without exposing the whole incredible fraud. That is to say, that there is not one solid scientific fact in the whole Big Bang based cosmological scenario - the same as with the Darwinian and Panspermia scenarios. Not one. The mountain of assumptions undergirding both myths took off with the advent of the mathematical Copernican counterfeit of Biblical Geocentrism and has been multiplying its absurdities right down to last night’s news about another "discovery" that will leave us all agog at the seemingly endless wonders of modern man’s Idol, i.e., "science falsely so called".

Never in the history of the world has so much wool been pulled down over so many eyes by so few. The Federal Reserve Racket, the Income Tax Racket, the Pharmaceutical Racket, the Drug Racket, the Education Racket, the Pornography Racket, The Managed Media Racket, The Sports Racket, the Free Trade Racket, the Slavery Racket, the Gambling Racket, the Environmentalist Racket, the Tennis Racquet, ...and a thousand more deceitful practices in every endeavor anyone can think of.... We accept the fact that greed, false pride, and outright diabolical maliciousness is commonplace in all these activities. It’s just the way things are. We put a few of the careless ones in jail, handsomely reward the clever ones, and basically tolerate the entire mess and move on.

But a Science Racket! Whoa! How dare you even suggest such a thing?! It’s unthinkable! Have you no decency?! If you want to criticize something, criticize the Bible! If you want to make fun of something and some of the charlatans involved, make fun of the Bible and its proselytizers! Bible thump’n Christians and their Bible with its poof poof Creation story deserves to be criticized and made fun of. But don’t shoot off your mouth about the Theoretical Science Establishment! These Scientists are dedicated people who altruistically try to further man’s understanding of his hopeless, transitory nature in the nihilistic scheme of things. They are not motivated to seek petty material gain or notoriety like a bunch of corporate crooks! They are above all that! And they are not driven by a lot of dumb superstitions about a supernatural origin of the universe, the Earth, and mankind. Hah! What a joke! None of that for scientists! They know that science has mythologized all the writings about God and his big plans for eternity and so on. No; rather than give such opiates to the masses, they offer rational explanations for the origin and development of all that exists, explanations that are on a higher intellectual, moral, and even spiritual plain than those offered by Bible-based Christianity in particular. Mankind’s potential has been incredibly stunted by such dumbed-down superstitious nonsense, but dedicated scientists are devoted and committed to getting rid of it...root and branch!

Yeah, yeah, yeah....

Anyway, ORIGINS is the operative word in all this.  Whatever a person really, really believes about his or her origins is foundational to all the other beliefs gained throughout life. That is a fact, Jack.

If one believes that a realistic, rational, intelligent person will choose to accept an origins scenario which declares either a Steady State universe of unlimited age or the current wisdom that a hydrogen atom exploded 15 billion years ago and accidentally created the sun and moon and stars and you and me and the trees, that person will--as I once did--put his faith in "science" and reject a scenario whereby God created it all for an eternal purpose and put all the necessary details in a Book.

When, however, one comes to understand that both the Steady State and the Big Bang scenarios are pure theoretical fantasies masquerading as "science", the millions of examples of ineffably wondrous DESIGNS throughout heaven and earth will demand A DESIGNER to anyone able to think at all. In short, an ORIGINS SCENARIO wherein A DESIGNER GOD is the Originator, the Catalyst, the Creator of all that exists can not be avoided and will force itself on to center stage of one’s mind once these "scientific" fantasies are realized for what they are, namely contra-scientific deceptions from start to finish....

The Theoretical Science Establishment has demonstrably violated all the rules of true science. To continue trusting their ridiculous science-fiction scenarios of the origin of all that exists is way beyond unnecessary and foolish; it is idolatry pure and simple. PART IV will integrate the chief points of PART I, II, & III with relevant points from other links and go on to present the only sensible alternative to those who can receive a love of the Truth.... Consider PART IV (HERE)...



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