New Apostolic Reformation Dominionism I: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

November 2011 Bulletin           


From a strictly Biblical point of view, Christianity is indeed on a short range trajectory toward a transformational Reformation from A to Z.  Is this what the NAR Reformation Plan is all about?  Its leaders say it is a Good thing that will succeed.  So:


First, The Good: This Movement says these things are Good:  It has some 400 million followers (i.e.,"Apostles") in its various member groups!  It has a tightly networked global operation.  The Movement is primarily Religious but has a strong Political agenda for achieving its goals.  There are many well-known Religious leaders involved (called: "Apostles and/or Prophets").  There are also several Political leaders of note, especially in the USA Republican Party.  The Movement describes itself as "Christian" and downplays the strong doctrinal differences in its ranks. NAR focuses on an ecumenical-type collaboration which, they say, will result in a "Second Reformation" of the Christian Church which will be comparable to the early 16th century Protestant Reformation.  But:


Then,The Bad: The entire NAR Reformist Conglomerate is blatantly anti-Bible on its basic premise. Note: The basis of the NAR belief is that the whole world will be Christianized and then turned over to Jesus.  The Scriptures flatly deny and refute this basis!  The Bible declares that a Satan-empowered Global Government--not a Christian one--will be established (Rev. 13:2b-18; [1]). It will have a human leader and a False Prophet (Rev. 13:2b-11; 19:20), both of whom will be killed after 42 months (Rev. 19:20). This will be followed by a "little season"(Rev. 20:3) which ends with Satan's termination (Rev. 20:10: Is. 14:15-17), followed by the Rapture (I Thess. 4:13-18), and the General Resurrection (I John 2:29;John 5:28,29;10:16), and then the annihilation and disappearance of this old earth and its heavens (Is. 65:17; Matt. 24:35; II Pet. 10:13; Rev. 20:11; 21:1). And finally: The advent of the promised eternal New Earth, New Heavens, and New Jerusalem destroys NAR's basic premise. (Is. 65:17,18; 66:22; John 4:2,3; II Pet. 3:13; Rev. 21:1,2, 10-27; 22:1-5. [2] - [3] - [4] - [5] - [6].


Now, The Ugly: Nothing will stop the Bible's end time scenario from being fulfilled exactly as written. All the huffing and puffing to bring in end-time models that contradict what the Bible says will be revealed and overcome (Rev. 17:14-18).  The NAR minimizes and subjugates The New Testament of Jesus Christ to Old Testament Law .  That New Testament warns about False Prophets and tells how common they are (II Cor. 11:13-15; Gal 3:24,25!) 


All  of  Satan's False Science and False Religion which holds up his kingdom (II Cor. 4:4) of Babylon will be revealed by a Global Truth Blitzkrieg controlled by Jesus and carried out by His "called, chosen, and faithful" followers (Rev. 17:14-18; 11:3.,etc.)  This is when the TRUE REFORMATION OF THE FINAL CHURCH occurs! This Church endures through the Beast's 42 month reign & the "little season"(c. 3 yrs.) and earth's last day (I Thess. 4:13-18).


  The supreme importance of Christ's Purification of Church Doctrines [7] that will be forced on the world (Christian Churches first: I Pet. 4:17,18; [8]) in God's End Time Drama [9] is this: The Gospel of Jesus Christ will--as promised (Matt. 24:14)--go to the whole world.  And--as promised (Rev.13:4,7)--it will separate the world's populations into worshipers of Satan or worshipers of Father God and Jesus Christ in the Reformed Church [10].


***Look for the DECEMBER BULLETIN'S expansion of the Good, Bad, and Ugly aspects of the NAR & other Globalist Ecumenical Movements… & The Biblical Alternative!