Exposure of Copernican-Based “Evolution Science” as a Contra-Scientific

Religious “Creation Scenario” Will Divide the Populations of the World


            Information about the effect of evolution “theory” in the lives and works of Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Marx, Freud, Dewey, Einstein, Sagan, Spielberg et al is fundamental for anyone attempting to explain 19th and 20th century world history (HERE).  


            Now, however, that the world is over ankle deep in the 21st century, it is apparent that  historians and other commentators are writing or have already written the obituary for all anti-evolution believers in the Biblical six day creation. 


            The signs of this are everywhere, magazines, TV, classrooms, churches....  Judge Jones’ 139 page, ACLU-written ruling against the “Creation Science & Intelligent Design” challenge in Dover, PA in 2005 sent this message to the solid majority still left in the USA which wants the evolution monopoly broken:  Go ahead.  Try it, they say.  "We will beat you every time in the Courts with the Establishment Clause.  We will humiliate you, and it will be expensive for you when you lose."


            So, with the legal avenue seemingly closed in the USA--and the rest of “Christendom” compromised, surrendered, or gone underground: e.g., England: (HERE)--it appears that the hope that somehow a successful challenge can still be raised in the USA--where the world’s largest body of Bible believers still runs into scores of millions--has also become a vain hope.


            It is against this backdrop that a different kind of anti-evolution strategy was on track to being introduced in the Georgia Legislature while being sent around to several other State Legislators...where it exploded prematurely in Texas news outlets.  The sum of this event was that the ADL came out against a Representative there with its giant “anti-Semitic” tar brush, declared that the Bill, the Georgia Representative, and The Fair Education Foundation were disseminating  “outrageous anti-Semitic” material, etc., and demanded apologies. 


            The Texas Rep--unaware of the Bill’s arguments--assumed the worst and apologized.  The Georgia Rep--who knew the Bill had no racist language,-- nevertheless elected not to introduce the Bill because of profane calls and the like.  Still, news of the effort and the ADL’s all-out media blitz to scotch the Bill made waves in several states and several countries as well.


            As the author of the proposed Bill, calls and email from AP, CNN, CBS, Dallas, Atlanta, Israeli and other newspaper reporters and journalists came into my Fair Education Foundation office within hours of the blow-up in Texas and Georgia. I have names and dates, etc. relating to those contacts, but there are other points upon which I want to focus regarding the substance of this event....


            One of those points is this: This proposed Bill--unlike the foredoomed  challenges of the past--contains a defeat-proof plan for legally forcing the secession of any further  teaching and promotion of evolutionism with tax-payer’s money.  In all of the finger-pointing and the rest there was never one mention of what was actually in the proposed Bill, which, by the way, was made freely accessible via URL links on the Memo that caused the stir.


             I explained to the reporters (in calls averaging about 20 minutes) that a reading of the proposed Bill would make it quite plain that the charges of “anti-Semitism” were unfounded.  “Anti-Semitism” as we all know is a racial slur.  There is none of that in the Bill that was proposed, nor any on this web page, nor any of my books.  What I have documented in the proposed Bill, is that all of the supposedly “secular science” concepts that make up the 15 billion year Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm reside in the formerly ultra-secret Kabbalist writings of the Pharisee Religion. 


            The evidence for all this is in the proposed Bill.  The conclusion of this now widely available and indisputable proof is this: Courts in the USA have ruled that “Creation Science & Intelligent Design” challenges to evolutionism have a religious agenda intended to teach and promote the Biblical “creation scenario” describing the origin of all that exists.  Thus deemed not to be “secular”, these challenges have all been ruled to be in violation of the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution.


            The proposed Bill does not criticize these Court rulings against those “creation science & I D” challenges.  In all fairness, they do have a religious agenda!


            What the proposed Bill does do is supply impeccable evidence that “evolution science” is not “secular science” either, but, rather, it too has a demonstrable religious agenda That evidence declares all teaching and promotion of evolutionism that is paid for from the public treasury to be in violation of the U.S. Constitution.


            All readers of this site are earnestly encouraged to read the three parts of the proposed Bill and judge if these things be true or not.  (HEREHERE - HERE)


            Is there anti-Semitism in the proposed Bill?  You will find none.  Is there a loud cry to expose “evolution science” as a non-secular fraud, derived in all its parts from “holy writings” of a particular religion?  You bet there is!  Is this cry for justice based on the U.S. Constitution?  Emphatically so.  Is there any reason--once the evidence is validated--not to outlaw the teaching and promotion of this alternate religious “creation scenario” with taxpayer’s money?  Search and see.


            When the contents of the proposed Bill were explained to the reporters, I must say that, to a person, they seemed to understand that--given a confirmation of the evidence--this appeal amounts to a totally different ball game insofar as challenging the teaching and promotion of evolutionism is concerned.


            This overview about the recent Texas/Georgia event and the purpose of the proposed Bill bring up two more points that need to be spotlighted in this context, returning first to the Hitler, Lenin, Stalin et al associations mentioned at the start:


            Both the Hitler/Mussolini/Tojo types of fascism and Lenin/Stalin/Mao types of communism had their similarities and their differences.  None of these types have totally gone away.  In their day both were expressions of the breakdown of the old world order. Both were in the throes of radical technological breakthroughs at the end of WW II.  The destruction of those fascist powers, the advent of the A-bomb, H-bomb, Jets, Communist expansionism, Cold War, etc., were soon on stage changing everything. The War was barely over before the prospects for a peaceful world were shattered. 


            What followed was a half century of struggle between Soviet-led Communism and American-led anti-Communism, coupled with the rise of Chinese Communism and the collapse of the British, French and other Colonial empires.  Viet Nam taught Americans some lessons (forgotten by Bush II) about the limits of military power; and  the Afgans taught the Soviets the same lesson.  Growing dependency on computers, an emerging drug culture, the Soviet collapse, immigration pressures, Corporate fascism, etc., became reality. Talk of a global economy, culture, language, legal system, government, religion, and a “New World Order” came out of the closet (where it had been nourished for centuries by several Secret Societies).


            We now come to the main beneficiary of history’s unfolding since WWII.  This beneficiary is the least identified but most important development that has taken place over the past half century. It involves a transformation that has shifted the balance, altered the direction, moved the reins of world power more than all the wars and trade and politics, etc.  Indeed, that sneaky transformation has taken place in the Religious Arena across the board, but Bible-based Christian Religion has been the real target for destruction.  It is the one great Religion that has been all but driven off the stage as a spiritual force in global events.  Virtually nobody seems to have noticed what has happened until very recently, and then only dimly and without understanding.


            If the Bible (KJV) is not the inerrant, sufficient, and infallible word of God, as it claims to be on every subject, then it is errant, insufficient, and fallible.  If it is errant, insufficient, and fallible, then it is untrustworthy on any doctrinal teaching or promise in the Book.  On the other hand, if it indeed is inerrant, sufficient, and infallible, then it is trustworthy on any doctrinal teaching or promise in the Book.


            Given the greatly reduced credibility of the Bible today--and the confidence of its enemies that no comeback is possible (Rev. 18:7)--one must wonder if there is  any strategy that could confound the world and establish Biblical inerrancy, sufficiency, and infallibility in a way that could not be denied or stopped?? 


            The answer to that question is a stentorian YES!


            Until the Copernican Revolution in the 16th century, science had posed no major threat in Christendom to the Bible’s credibility.  Copernicus’ book (1543) changed that.  It presented a mathematical alternative to the Bible’s plain teachings that it is the sun that moves and not the earth (HERE - HERE).  Though as utterly factless today as it was then, the new model gradually silenced the opposition over the next 300 years. 


            However, regarding the Biblical Creation Account, it is stated in Genesis that there was no sun to go around until the fourth day of that Account.  More, there has never been and is not now a single scientific fact upholding Copernicanism.  So, Creationists, what say ye to all that??


            Does the Biblical God expect the defenders of His Word to hold Creationist’s feet to the fire and pressure them relentlessly in brotherly love to very, very seriously re-consider what they are doing when they recklessly substitute a “moving earth” for the “moving sun” in all those Scriptures?  “Don’t change my Word even a little bit”!.. the God of the Bible sternly warns.  By continuing to ignore this warning and solid geocentric science, how different are you as “Theistic Heliocentrists” from the “Theistic Evolutionists” who you agree are destroying the Bible Creation Account??   


            Indeed, is it just willful ignorance or hypocritical posturing to deny the plain Scriptural, Scientific, and Historical evidence which proves that the Copernican Revolution steadily opened the way for evolutionary ideas to percolate in the biological sciences throughout the 18th and into the 19th centuries, culminating in Darwin’s book in 1859??  Or is it that you are not getting the facts from your Creationist leaders??


            The ink was barely dry in Darwin’s book when Karl Marx wrote to Engels: “...this is the book which contains the basis in natural history for our view”1 To fellow communist revolutionary Lassalle he wrote that Darwin’s book had given God “the death blow”2 and “Darwin’s book...serves me as the basis for the class struggle in history”.As for Socialism, Spengler insightfully wrote: “Socialism and Darwinism are only artificially and on the surface separable.”4  Thus, the nascent “Social Sciences” had their foundational premise. Sigmund Freud said: “Man is not different from, or better than, the animals”5, and the foundational principal for the “Behavioral Sciences” was established.  Einstein, a thoroughgoing evolutionist, wrote the intro to Freud’s book Future of An Illusion.  By 1909 American philosopher John Dewey--whose works were required reading in many American Teacher’s Colleges in the first half of the 20th century--said: “...the Origin of Species introduced a mode of thinking that in the end was bound to transform the logic of knowledge and hence the treatment of morals, politics, and religion.”6 


            In the midst of this steady transformation of the basis of man’s “knowledge” about his Origin, Friedrich Engles, Karl Marx’s benefactor, and Ernst Haeckel, Darwin’s German Bulldog, and later communist physicists, made sure the indispensable Copernican foundation of the Darwinian Revolution was protected and promoted: “...one of the basic theses of dialectical materialism [communism] is the inseparability of movement from matter....”7 *** “Teaching the self-movement of matter received its full development in the dialectical materialism of Marx, Engles, and Lenin.”8  *** “Ernst Haeckel wedded the idea of classical physics [Copernicanism] with the new Darwinian history of nature to form a comprehensive materialist cosmology, or ‘anti-theology’.”9  “Modern physics rejects absolute inertia.” 10 For Mathematics there is only one way out: conscious, planned reconstruction on the basis of materialist dialectics.”11


            Combine all this with the steadily increasing growth in Bible-bashing and mockery of Bible Fundamentalists in Hollywood, the media, and academia over the last half century in particular, and it is reasonable to see why all but a certain percentage of even the hard liners have concluded that the Bible’s credibility is too far gone to be brought back.  


            In other words, the once great presence and witness of “Bible-based Christendom” with its Christ-based morality and hope for eternal life has fallen to a very low level today.  Even its seemingly vibrant evangelical wing--in spite of all the good that can be said for it--is dominated by Scripturally impossible end time teachings and other major doctrinal errors.  This doctrinal smorgasbord leaves little reason to believe that the Bible’s Credibility, i.e., its inerrancy, sufficiency, and infallibility can ever be universally confirmed and triumphant.(Now we know why the Bible states that God’s Judgment must and will begin in the churches!) (I Pet. 4:17,18; HERE - HERE)


            So, here is the proverbial bottom line to all the aforesaid:  The indisputable foundation of all knowledge comes to rest on one or the other of these two beliefs about the Origin of the Universe, the Earth, and Mankind: 1) It was all created by God in  six literal days with zero evolution just as it is written in the Bible and confirmed by all known, non-theoretical science; or; 2) It was all “created” over a period of 15 billion years through an evolutionary process (with or without any g’d...except the Bible's Creator) as it is written in the Kabbala and confirmed by a theoretical science establishment via fraudulent computer-programmed virtual reality technology (HERE - HERE - HERE).


            Christianity, Islam, and some Orthodox Judaism were once based on the six day model with no evolution at all.  Phariseeism, the Judaic Sect which called for the crucifixion of Jesus, and which is still the controlling Sect of Judaism today, is the source of the 15 billion year Kabbalic Universe Model of Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm.  


            Many--if not most--people may prefer to avoid having to make a choice between Bible Creationism and Kabbalic Evolutionism, but once the facts sink in, it is an unavoidable choice nonetheless.  God will not be mocked by a false science Idol.  He won’t.  “Come out of her (Babylon/Confusion), my people...” (Rev. 18:4) is the warning that He has promised in writing will come right after everybody knows to whom they must give credit for the Creation of all that exists. (II Thess. 2:10; Rev. 14:7: 17:14).


                EVOLUTION OR NO EVOLUTION:  THIS IS THE ULTIMATE SPIRITUAL CONTROVERSY!  The coming conclusion to this controversy will force exposures of all spiritual deceptions and divide the world’s populations into overt Satan worshippers and those who stay on--or get on--the side of the Creator God of the Bible Who had the resources to do it all in six literal days with no evolution: (Matt. 10:34-38; Rev. 13:4,7; 17:14; 18:4; etc.)  [Remember too: Father God let Jesus do the creating (Col. 1:16,17:Eph. 3:9; Jn.1:3,10:Heb. 1:2,10).  Jesus Is Both Creator & Savior!]


            Now that we all can know that there is no such thing as “secular”, i.e., non-religious “evolution science”, there can be no further spiritual reason to believe in the deception...unless one simply prefers deception to Truth.  After all, it is not too much to say the whole world has been deceived by that long-secret fact that “evolution science” IS NOT SECULAR SCIENCE!  (I know it had me fooled!!)


            Having learned this fact, the whole world will then know that “evolution science” is not only a contra-scientific myth without the first piece of indisputable evidence to support its fantastic claims--but that it is also is a non-secular “creation scenario” found in a “holy book” (Zohar/Kabbala) of an anti-Christ Religion.  When the other Christ-hating “holy book” of the Pharisee Sect (the Talmud: HERE) is included, it is too plain to miss that “evolutionism” has been and remains Satan’s “WMD” in this long religious war; a war conceived to destroy the credibility of the Biblical Plan for the Lord Jesus and His New Covenant for all people everywhere. (HERE) 


            This means that evolutionism will be knocked off the cornerstone of modern man’s “knowledge” and be replaced by The Six Day Biblical Creation Model as true Bible prophesy is fulfilled.  The stage will then be set for the exposure and collapse of all false doctrines and false religions (Rev. 14:6,7;17:14).  With that done (Rev. 14:8; 18:2...) everyone will know what is true and what is false and they will choose to follow Satan or the Biblical God. (Rev. 13:4,7,15-17; 16:15).  Neither the Bible’s Father God nor His Son Jesus condemns people posthumously for honestly believing in deceptions until after all truth is established. Thank God!). (Rom. 2:11-16; 5:13; Acts 10:34,35; etc.  - HERE - HERE) The Apostle Paul received forgiveness for working against God’s Plan, as he said: “..but I obtained mercy, because I did it ignorantly in unbelief (I Tim.1:13).     


            So, as mentioned at the start: The almost global acceptance of billions of years of evolutionism as the truth about the origin of the universe, earth, and mankind has isolated and demoralized advocates of the Biblical (and Koranic) literal six day creation.  Though the Biblical Account began three centuries of slow retreat as the Copernican Revolution dug in its heels, and though that retreat sped up dramatically in the century after the Darwinian Revolution began in 1859, it was not until the last half century--and even more so, the last quarter century--that the retreat turned into a rout.  Now, even Creationist hard liners are giving up the fight and aligning themselves with Kabbalist-approved “theistic evolutionism”. (Christian Zionist Evangelist John Hagee recently endorsed evolutionism, saying"...it could have taken 50 million years to get to Adam's creation".  I almost jumped out of my chair when I heard this, but confirmed it with another listener.  Having become a synthetic Pharisaic Rabbi, Hagee has invited the Devil to dinner, I fear. (HERE  - HERE - HERE).


            All of this pinpoints the most important struggle that has taken place amongst all the other developments in the last half century. There is just no way to argue with the fact that the cornerstone, the platform, the very foundation of ALL of mankind’s “knowledge” rests on his concept of what is true and what is false about the origin of the universe, the earth, and mankind (HERE).


                Once that fact is admitted, then, and only then, can anyone really understand what it means to be living at the time in history when the long struggle over which side will win this key “origins battle” will turn out.  (At this present hour, it appears to have been decided in favor of the model resting on billions of years of evolution.)


Does this mean the Biblical Creator God has lost, and that Satan, the wily counterfeiter, is unbeatable?


            Not by the hair of your chinny chin chin, though many do (and many more will) think so! (Rev. 13:4). Over 1900 years ago the omniscient Creator God spoke directly to that misplaced confidence that nothing could shake and break the grip by which Satan has been allowed to control the kingdoms of the world (II Cor. 4:4).   Speaking of this supreme confidence of “Mystery, Babylon the Great”, God spoke through His Word, saying: “Come out of her/Babylon, my people...for her sins have reached unto heaven... reward her...according to her works...how much she has glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her; for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.  (Rev.17:5; 18:4-7)


            The same Creator God Who could write such things 1900 years before they happen is not subject to having His Plans foiled by Satan nor anyone deceived by him.  “Known unto God are all His works from the beginning of the world,” (Acts 15:18 et al).  All human endeavors designed to foil God’s Plans--which are spelled out in the New Covenant of Jesus Christ--are not just bucking crazy odds, they have no chance at all of achieving ultimate success.  God knew Satan would be on such a roll that it would seem impossible to stop him.  The point is: He told us about it over 1900 years ago!!


            Connect that with a string of other 1900 year old Biblical descriptions of today’s technology and benchmark warnings that we see every day and, unless we prefer deception to truth, we seek the Creator’s guidance, turn around, and with--with Isaiah 6:8--say: "Here am I, send me".


            God understands all that. He has allowed Satan to bring the world to this incredible level of deception.  Now, the means to bring down the vulnerable Copernican Keystone of the Big Bang Paradigm are available to all, by exposing: a) That Paradigm's Pharisaic roots; b) Its contra-scientific theoretical basis; c) The high tech virtual reality fraud behind the extraterrestrial claims. d) The setting off a chain reaction that will expose Satan’s entire edifice of deceptions.  The evidence required to cause Babylon's Fall are on this web domain...and HERE.  God has set His timer....



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