NAR Dominionism's Good, Bad, & Ugly II: More Ecumenicism….

December 2011 Bulletin

Good intentions may be driving some of NAR Dominionism's leaders, but their decisions to alter plain Biblical Teaching to make their plan work puts them on a long list of other Bible-bashing plans.  C. P. Wagner--the "intellectual godfather" of NAR--said it was  necessary to "supplement" (add to) what the Bible teaches. This NAR has done, big time!


However, to be counted A True Reformation of Christianity, the reforms must never contradict unmistakably plain Bible teachings.  All else is deception, not True Reform. 


No Church--Protestant or Catholic--is a Doctrinally Pure Bible Christian Church. Contra-Biblical doctrines exist in all Churches; some more than others. [1]  A Reformation is badly needed, to be sure!  But if that needed Reformation is truly genuine it will expose ALL false doctrines in a way that everyone will know exactly what is Biblical and what isn't. [2]


That is why God's Judgment begins in the Christian Churches (I Pet. 4:17,18: [3] ).  It  begins there because that is where all the distortions of His Word have taken root!  It begins there because those distortions have virtually destroyed the credibility of the Bible and the Bible's God.  It begins there because the Biblical God has described the Creation and how the "end times" unfold. Those descriptions rule out NAR Dominionism because: a) It accepts a fact-free Bible-contradicting rotating/orbiting earth. [4]-[5-audio I series];  b) It Repudiates the Genesis Creation Account and accepts the Copernican-dependent, Virtual Reality Big Bang Evolution Account. [6]-[7]; c) It accepts the Pharisee Religion's alternate "creation account" of Kabbala-based Big Bang Evolutionism [8]-[9]; d) It accepts the Bible contradicting doctrine that Jesus comes back on this earth to rule [10]-[11]-[12]-[13 ]-[14].


After hours of reading, and many pages of notes on NAR Dominionism--and giving all concerned an "A" for zeal and organization--the facts remain: 1) NAR is ignoring plain Bible teachings on both the Creation and the End Time Revelation, the same as the rest of Christian Churches.  2) The great "Reformation" they are trumpeting is basically a warmed-over amalgamation of postmillennial/ preterit/ Armstrongite/ Identity/Old Law Legalism while addressing some needs, e.g., restoration of the nine gifts and a deliverance ministry, but shows no understanding of Satan's pivotal False Science issues  (I Tim. 6:20,21), the key to any true Reformation when Judgment begins. 3) NAR seeks to harness Big Business, Militarist, Christian-Zionist entities into a Global Pharisee-based Theocracy.


In short, while the intentions of most who are involved may be driven by a realistic sense of urgency about the fate of Christianity, the violations done to the Bible's integrity by the NAR Movement, and its global ambitions incorporating those violations, insist that Satan is  the author of yet another Movement which sounds good but has an Ecumenicalist Agenda.


Ecumenicalism means: "universal, world-wide, all-embracing, all-inclusive". NAR Dominionism's goal is openly declared to be ecumenical, i.e., global in extent. Throughout its literature that goal is repeatedly described as: "…the establishment of the Kingdom of God upon the [this] earth".  The Bible says: "Set your affection on things above , not on things on the earth "(Col. 3:2).  Revelation, Ch. 13 is all about a Satan-empowered Global Government run by Satan worshipers, not Christians or Christ! Links 10-14 above give Bible proofs that Jesus never comes back to rule on this earth, thus rejecting NAR's #1  agenda. But even if big parts of NAR's Reformation Plan are not the True Reformation that is needed, God could change some doctrines and use all that organization for His Glory….

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