The Scripturally Mandated Destiny

For All Churches In Christendom

During "The Fall of Babylon"

    "One hour" after a Global Government is seated (Rev. 17:12), there is a prophesied "war" (Gr. fig. "battle") in which Jesus and his "called, chosen, and faithful" followers are the "overcomers" (Rev. 17:14). That Satan-empowered Global Governmentís plans to finish off todayís fragmented, effete, and deceived Christendom are totally foiled (Rev. 17:14-18); and that Government will be forced to show itís true Satan-worshipping colors, and forced also to draw those of like mind into open worship of Satan and blasphemy of God (Rev. 18:2; 13: 4-6).

    This "war" is clearly not a conventional one where weapons are used. Rather, it is a supernaturally led "battle" wherein the anti-Bible, anti-Christ belief system that empowers the Global Governmentís leadership is revealed along with all of the deceptions that uphold it. The heartbeat of that belief-system is evident in every single area of modern manís "knowledge" (HERE). Indeed, the lifeblood of that heartbeat is kept flowing by the almost complete triumph of a False Science Establishmentís endorsement of the evolutionary explanation for the Origin of the Universe, the Earth, all plant and animal life, and Mankind itself.

    What God declared over 1900 years ago would happen during the Fall of Babylon (fall of confusion) "one hour" after a Global Government is seated is that the plug would be pulled on the life support system that keeps the evolutionary basis of todayís "knowledge" going. As God foreknew, all that is required to force Satanís empire out of its pseudo-scientific humanistic fortress into the open where its true colors can be seen is to expose its evolutionary premise as pure assumption-based deception from start to finish (HERE). (The magnitude and character of that deceptive premise and the truths that can expose those deceptions and bring Babylon down are spelled out in the "Kabbala Series" (start HERE) and "The Size and Structure of the Universe Series..." (start HERE) and elsewhere, but particularly in those essays and the internal links within them.)

    With that said and made available for all to weigh and accept or reject, it is time for both Catholics and Protestants to consider what is going to be involved for them personally when the Biblically prophesied and clearly imminent Global Government has its evolutionary foundation exposed as a lie and Babylon Falls....


    Three features of the prophesied Fall of Babylon stand out:

    1) It is Jesus ("the Lamb") empowering His "called, chosen, and faithful" who "overcome" the Satan-empowered Global Government. Together, this combination forces that government--and those who hate the truths that expose its lies--to rally around their earthly leader and bring about a division of all people into overt Satan worshippers who blaspheme God, and those who get on Godís side (some only initially and temporarily)....

    The point here is that bringing Babylon down is a Christian operation. It is not a Buddhist operation, nor Moslem, nor Hindu, nor Judaist, nor Taoist, nor Shintoist.... It is purely Christian, and it is limited to the "called, chosen, and faithful" who wear the Christian label. These, evidently--Catholics and Protestants alike--are prepared to gladly and unreservedly forsake any and every deception that they have unwittingly supported once they know the Truth. Having done that, Jesusí "called, chosen, and faithful" gladly and unreservedly embrace and champion every truth that forces Satanís works and those who love those works into the open.

    2) Since unmasking Satanís Babylonish Empire is a purely Christian operation, it follows that whatever deceptions are present in the Churches of Christendom must be and will be revealed first so that the "called, chosen, and faithful" can take their stand and the others can defect to the other side...or tentatively stay with the hard-core Biblical group. So, a necessary progression in this early stage of Godís Plan which will force all deceptions in all the churches into the open is required and is Scripturally provided. Truly, Godís "Judgment must begin at the house of God" (I Pet. 4:17,18: Full treatment: HERE)

    3) There can be and there is only one criterion in the churches of Christendom for identifying what is a deception from Satan and what is a Truth from God. That criterion is the Word of God, the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, nothing more and nothing less. God "has magnified His WORD above all His Name" (Ps. 138:2). Jesus said: "He that rejects me, and receives not my words, has one that judges him: the WORD that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day" (John 12:48). Without acceptance of the absolute inerrancy and infallibility of the Word of God no true Christian Church can exist nor will any without that acceptance survive Babylonís Fall.

    Satan knows that fact even if most Christians apparently do not know it. Therefore, if the creation account of the Bible is wrong--as "science falsely so called" (I Tim. 6:20) has led the world and most of the churches to believe--then only a steady erosion of belief in Old Testament miracles and ultimately New Testament miracles of a virgin-born, miracle working, salvation offering Jesus could be expected. And, of course, the result of such erosion is increasingly obvious to any with eyes to see. (Donít add to His Word and donít take away from it, God warns (Deut. 4:2; Rev. 22:18,19). Thus the bottom line here for those in Christian Churches who propose to be on Godís side in the coming Fall of Babylon is this: Every doctrine that your church holds which is exposed as a deception must be eagerly and thankfully rejected, and the Truth from the Word that exposes each deception must be eagerly and thankfully embraced and fervently preached from every pulpit. (II Thess. 2:10).


    Scripturally bona fide doctrines and the requirements they pose for the churches in Christendom automatically put each and every church on trial. The Prosecution has only one basic question for church leaders and members alike, namely: "What are you going to do with each doctrine you now adhere to which is proven to be unScriptural in the Ďwar the Lamb winsí"?

    Broadly, of course, there are only two church divisions in Christendom, i. e., the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Churches which do not recognize this Pope or any before him. In reality the Roman Church has its scattered internal schisms, of course, but the hierarchical structure with the Pope at the head maintains a monolithic organization from which no deviation has amounted to anything.

    The Protestants on the other hand present a veritable smorgasbord of doctrinal selections with a host of "headquarters" representing each faction. These vary all the way from the Russian and Greek Orthodox Churches to a dozen or so mainline denominations (Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Churches of Christ, Congregationalists, various large Pentecostal and Non-Denominational Churches, Nazarenes et al, to the peripheral and often anathematized Jehovah Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, and Moonies. Moreover--excepting the last four--there are multiple factions within most of these groups; e.g., there are four or five churches under the Presbyterian label, two or three under the Lutherans, a half-dozen Methodists, numerous Pentecostal Churches, and one book lists 32 different Baptist denominations...albeit with the Southern Baptists having the biggest following and the most clout.

    The total Roman Catholic Membership worldwide is given variously from 800,000,000 to 1. 2 billion.... Call it a billion...with about 70 million in the U.S. over against about 93 million U.S. Protestants. (Ď95 stats: dm-relig.htm) The worldwide population of those who would identify themselves as Protestants is harder to pin down, but appears to be in the short one billion range.

Which Churches Do and Do Not Claim

Bible Inerrancy, Sufficiency

and Infallibility?

    Aside from the Roman Church only broad answers are available here. This is due in large part to the fact that forty-eight different Protestant groups having over 200,000 members are listed (http: above), and whether Bible inerrancy, sufficiency, and infallibility are central doctrines is not an available statistical fact in many of these groups, as far as I can tell.

    Sticking then with what is either well known or pretty well known, these are the main statistics that shake out relevant to which churches do and do not claim Biblical Inerrancy, Sufficiency, and Infallibility (i.e., God inspired, doctrinally error-free Old and New Testaments alone...with nothing added to nor taken away from the canonical texts and with no authority by anyone to establish a doctrine which contradicts those error-free, wholly sufficient, and infallible teachings.)

    On this particular question it is again useful to separate the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Churches. Acceptance of Inerrancy means that the Bible is still the Word of God today and that any nuances of corruption can be revealed by earnest prayer and diligent study (Is. 28:10,13; II Tim. 2:15; etc.).

    Acceptance of Sufficiency means that any other teachings purporting to be Biblical or Christian which in fact contradict or add to or subtract from the canonical Bible are--ipso facto--false teachings.

    Acceptance of Infallibility means that there are no doctrinal mistakes in the Bible and that any sect which teaches any doctrine that can be demonstrated to be in conflict with Biblical doctrine either does not know of its error, or is not open to challenge on its position, or both.

    Thus defined, the bottom line answers to these questions about Bible inerrancy, sufficiency, and infallibility--insofar as Roman Catholic Church teaching is concerned--are simple and unequivocal. The Roman Church officially rejects the Bible Only ("Sola Scriptura") position. Long ago--at the Council of Trent in 1545-63-- the Roman Church denied the sufficiency of Scripture and declared that the revelation of God was also contained in oral tradition handed down by the Church.

    None of this implies, of course, that scores and hundreds of millions of Catholics from the earliest days to the present have not had hearts that were devoted to serving God. After all, a Sovereign God in total control of all the unfolding history of this world used the Roman Church as a vehicle to keep His Living Word (Heb. 4:12) transcribed, and He caused Jesus to be preached to multitudes for a very long time under the Roman spite of the Devilís work and human frailty.

    God is still doing that. However, the accelerating transgressions of the Vatican since it officially elevated the Organization above the Word at Trent in 1546--and its even more egregious transgressions since Vatican II in 1962--have taken that Organization beyond any hope of declaring Godís Truth to the world.

    So: The point that is explicit and will be revealed to be so when Babylon Falls, is that (the positive accomplishments of multitudes over the centuries aside), the Roman Church has been and remains guilty of establishing and perpetuating doctrines and traditions that are openly contradictory to the teachings of an inerrant, all sufficient, and infallible Bible. This is the capital offense in Church behavior and the case will be prosecuted by God according to His Scripture Alone (John 12:48) during Babylonís Fall.

    Some of these doctrines--the perpetual virginity of Mary, virtual Mariolatry, a priesthoodís power over communion, addition of the Apocrypha, alleged infallibility of the Pope, calling priests "father", repetitious rosary prayers, relics on display (HERE), holy water, and all such man-made traditions--are not only in open conflict with Scripture, but frequently and demonstrably can be traced to pagan practices which were absorbed into church ritual to increase its size and power.

    In its rejection of "Scripture Only" as its sole guide, the Roman Church has added enough contra-Scriptural teaching about Mary alone to justify its identity as an anti-Bible Sect. Hence, if the Bible is truly the inerrant, sufficient, and infallible Word of God--that is to say; if "Sola Scriptura" is the only true way for the Church of Christ to represent God the Father and Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit as God intended--then Romeís rejection of...and failure to adhere to and obey that dictum automatically designates it as the largest and most culpable of the doctrinal renegades that will be exposed when Babylon Falls.

    The principle involved in all this doesnít get much attention, but it is starkly simple and basically impossible to misunderstand. It is this: The Old and New Testaments constitute the received Word of God for the Christian Church. Any doctrinal additions to, or subtractions from the Bible are--according to the Bible itself--decreed by men, not by God. Men are fallible; God is not fallible. Hence, any Church that adds to or subtracts from doctrines set forth by God in the Bible is guilty of willful distortion of the Word and is in violation of its purpose for existence as a church.

    That purpose is precisely to seal up the sum of all Truth and expose all claims that add or subtract from that Truth as immediately identifiable lies which are designed to misrepresent God and Truth and ultimately destroy its source, the Bible. Jesus stressed that the churchesí doctrines are what count as He lambasted the commandments of men: " vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men" (Matt. 15:9; Mark 7:7). Other Scriptures drive home this all-important matter of sticking to the Bibleís doctrines while refusing and exposing menís teachings: "...why...are ye subject to ordinances...after the commandments and doctrines of men?" (e.g., Col. 2:20-22).

    There is no bitterness nor antipathy toward individual Roman Catholics in these observations, of course. These are just facts that anyone with a Bible or a computer or a library card can confirm for themselves. As far-and-away the largest registered Christian organization in the world, the Roman Church has had the opportunity and the responsibility and the manpower to strictly adhere to the Scriptures and dig out and teach without variation the indisputably accurate Biblical doctrines on every subject affecting mankind. This they have not only failed to do, but have instead absolutely corrupted several major Biblical teachings beyond recognition, and thereby have presented the world with only the barest glimmer of Godís role for His Church.

    It is little wonder that there was one unifying doctrine that was upheld by every single church which was involved in the 16th century Protestant Rebellion against the Roman Church. The Protestant goal was to uphold "Scripture Only" and to expose Bible-contradicting man-made doctrines and practices used by the Roman monopoly. That unifying goal is an important theological fact summarized by Dr. Kenneth Gentry thusly: "Church historicism teaches that the Book of Revelation describes the course of history. This was the common view of the Reformation, in which ALL Protestant groups identified the Papacy as the antichrist. (This was the only universally agreed-upon specifically Protestant doctrine that united all Protestant groups....") [The Beast of Revelation, Dr. K. Gentry, Institute for Christian Economics, Tyler, TX, 1989, p.xii footnote.]

    I dare say that ALL Protestant Reformation Churches ALSO upheld the plain non-moving Earth Scriptures and denounced the Copernican Revolution that was fomenting in the same period. Certainly Luther was adamantly opposed to the Copernican challenge. Anyway, Protestant opposition to Roman Catholicism has been muffled to an occasional whisper and no opposition to Copernicanism is heard from any church. Romeís opposition to Protestantism has followed a similar path.

How will the Roman Catholic Church fare when the "War the

Lamb wins" (Rev. 17:14) takes place and Babylon Falls (Rev. 18:2)??

    Many Catholics today have been upset with the Vatican II Reforms begun in 1962 (e.g., Mel Gibson) and carried foreword vigorously by Pope John Paul II., and more of the same is expected from Benedict XVI.  JP II's compromises with Masonry and Evolutionism have been real concerns for many. Indeed, there is considerable print media speculation that the Vatican is now controlled by Masonry. And, of course, few waves were made by the JP II's overt embrace of Copernicus--a fellow Pole--and his efforts to whitewash the Churchesí censure of Galileo. After all, the whole world believes Copernicus was right, so that act raised few if any eyebrows. Never mind the plain non-moving earth Scriptures that the Roman Church used to defend against Galileo in the early 17th century. (The only objections to Copernicanism today are those found in the Bible and True Science!). And, of course, the "infallible Pope" has his Council of Trent license to ignore those objections, endorse the factless world view, and thereby give sanctuary to a lie that is now the foundation for all the worldís anti-Bible "knowledge" (HERE) and the rapidly approaching alignment of the Vatican with the Zionist Pharisees.

    How much more like Godís servant John Paul II would have been to have backed Cardinal Bellarmine instead of Galileo! But forget it! Compromise with the world is now--and historically has been--the stock in trade of Catholicismís appeal. Hence, menís traditions are the backbone of that church and not the Bible. For that reason, it will be exposed and humiliated when Babylon Falls. Moreover, it is a Biblically safe bet that whoever is Pope when the short-lived (Rev. 17:12) Global Government is officially established will be the individual who will be chosen to be the titular head of a Ecumenicized Pantheistic World Church (II Thess.2:3,4) headquartered in Jerusalem (Rev. 11:8).

And the Protestant Churches; how will they fare when the

"war the Lamb wins" takes place (Rev. 17:14) and Babylon Falls (Rev. 18:2)??

    Well--as with the Roman Church--the only determining factor here will come to rest on which Biblical Doctrines are upheld and which ones are ignored, replaced, or altered after each true doctrine is Scripturally certified. Since "Judgment must begin at the house of God" (I Pet. 4:17,18; (HERE), and since God forewarned that the churches would be made up of four classes of folks-- i.e., the "disobedient, the ungodly, the sinners, and the righteous who scarcely are saved" --it is already set in Scriptural concrete that the Protestant Churches--even the ones that presently claim "Sola Scriptura" as their banner--are beyond salvaging according to their present mix of traditions and false doctrines.


    While such conclusions can be expected to be universally scoffed at in both Catholic and Protestant circles, nevertheless, objectively speaking, nothing could be more obvious than the ludicrousness of the present cafeteria style doctrinal offerings available from the crowded lineup of Christian Church bodies. Each group-- whether it claims a billion followers or ten, exists because it believes it is the true church or a member of the true church. Yet--as far as the Bible is concerned--there is almost total anarchy where doctrines are concerned! This situation bears no resemblance to Christís admonition to Ďbe of one mind" (I Pet. 3:8); nor does it resemble "the church without spot or wrinkle "(Eph. 5:27), i.e., the Bride of Christ that is Scripturally mandated to arise (Rev. 21:2,9).

    Now--since the very same Bible is on the pulpit in all Protestant Churches...The Roman Church added the "Apocrypha" at Trent-- this doctrinal anarchy is a surpassingly strange and revealing fact. Much of this strangeness evaporates however when it is understood that a solid majority of the churchesí spokespersons make no pretense of believing in the Bibleís inerrancy or miracles or even its moral teachings and prohibitions. These churches thrive mainly on some admixture of a social gospel which often includes environmental extremism, hyper-feminism, pro-abortion, pro-gay marriages, etc., and, above all, acceptance of Evolutionism. The Bible is anathema to these beliefs...particularly when accepted and proselytized in the name of a "Christian Church". The evolutionary mind-set is central to the advancement of these beliefs, and the exposure and mythification of that mind-set when Babylon Falls will obviously impact these scores of millions in a way that is guaranteed to set some free and harden the hearts of others.

    But how does all this apply to those Protestant Churches which proudly declare that their allegiance is 100% "Sola Scriptura" and that their teachings are Biblically certified from A to Z??

    Certainly--for starters--these "Scripture Only" churches are to be commended above all others for their stated intent to be guided in their doctrines wholly and solely by what can be incontrovertibly determined from "precept upon precept...line upon line" (Is.28:10,13) to be the Bible-certified Truth of the matter. All of you in such churches: Stand and take a bow....

    Thatís enough. Now itís time for folks in these supposedly "Scripture Only" Churches to sit back and buckle their spiritual seatbelts against the shocks they too are going to sustain when the "war the Lamb wins" brings Babylon down.

    Remember first of all that it was "the Church" that was the source of the opposition that Jesus faced. It was "the Church" of Jesusí day that was the hardened bastion of man-made oral traditions and doctrines that had corrupted and distorted the intent of the Old Law beyond recognition and turned the whole operation into a money making "den of thieves", as Jesus put it (Mark 11:17). It was "the Church" that was dogmatically "religious" but largely resistant to the Spirit of its covenant with God. It was "the Church" that hated the truths Jesus brought because they were not what they wanted in their messiah. It was, in short, "the Pharisaic Church" which plotted and ultimately brought about the crucifixion of Jesus (HERE).

    Would it not be naive and foolish to deny that the same thing could happen and has happened to "the church" today...even to those which claim "Sola Scriptura"??

    Indeed, how would Jesus fare in the churches of Christendom today if He came with hard core Scriptural Truths that laid bare just how far Satan has been able to go in substituting man-made traditions and commandments for His Doctrines even in the allegedly "Bible Only" churches??

    The answer to that question is going to become plain to all "one hour" after a Global Government sets up shop and the Fall of Babylon is completed in another brief time span called "one hour.. .one day" (Rev. 18:8,10,17,19; c. 2-3 months).

    Scripture warns all of us, you and yours truly included, that:

    1) False Christs and false prophets are able to "deceive the very elect" (Mt. 24:24; Mk. 13:22). So, donít be smug about the doctrinal purity of your church. You are going to be astonished at just how contra-Scriptural some of your chief doctrines are!

    2) It is very common for Satanís ministers to "transform themselves into the apostles of Christ...and ministers of righteousness..." (II Cor. 11:13-15). Maybe, you say, but not my minister...not any of those I support! Hopefully, you are right; you will know when God irresistibly forces doctrinal Truths on your church and the ministers who are deeply committed to doctrines that are exposed as contra-Biblical. Will their response be like the Sanhedrinís when they were forced to see the Truth of Jesusí claims (Matt.12:9-14) or will they be in that group of which it is written "that a great company of the priests" followed Jesus (Acts 6:7)??

    3) "The Holy Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils (I Tim. 4:1). One of the greatest areas of doctrinal deception in allegedly "Scripture Only" churches today has to do with their End Time (eschatological) doctrines about the Rapture and the "Millennium". Personally, I report only what I must. Read these Scripture-dependent discourses and you will know what is going to happen relevant to those doctrines and the spiritual earthquake that must follow in those churches locked into those false end time teachings: HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE & also: HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE).

    4) Other like warnings are appropriate here; e.g., "Let him that thinks he stands take heed lest he fall" (I. Cor. 10:12); "Try [test] the spirits to see whether they are of God" [or not] (I John 4:1); "Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling" (Phil. 2:12); "Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honor [pay, money], especially those who labour in the word and doctrine" (I Tim. 5:17). (Do elders confirm doctrine in your church or the ones you watch on TV; or is it a one-man/woman operation basically?? True doctrine is the responsibility of Godly elders. God has determined that they are less likely to deviate from Scripture than one all-powerful leader.)

    Sad but true is the fact that the Churches of Christendom--Catholic and Protestant alike--are theologically analogous to the Sanhedrin of Jesusí day. It is no exaggeration at all to say that the mockery of both the spirit and the letter of clear Biblical teachings--and their replacement by man-made commandments and traditions--is such that Jesus would be met with the same implacable hostility today in the churches of Christendom as He was in the first centuryís synagogues.

    To any who would doubt or challenge such a conclusion, let their full prayerful attention be turned to these few examples of doctrinal overturns that are sure to come, and then let that impact be weighed before making up your mind:

    1) Every single Christian church organization--Catholic and Protestant--has bowed to a theoretical science establishment and rejected and/or twisted plain Scripture telling of a moving sun instead of a moving Earth (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE). As demonstrated beyond argument, this single act of doctrinal treason has made possible the establishment of terrestrial and extraterrestrial evolutionary mythologies that have crippled Bible Credibility from A to Z and replaced Biblical Creationism with the "Origins Scenario" of a Christ-hating religion totally committed to destroying New Testament Christianity (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE). Question: How warmly do you think the exposure and emasculation of Copernicanism and all that is built upon it will be received in the churches when Babylon Falls?

    2) The extent to which a huge portion of Christian Churches are committed beyond any graceful way of recanting about their support of the whole "Left Behind" pre-trib (or mid-trib) Rapture concept--and a literal thousand year reign of Christ in Jerusalem --is hard to overstate. These are doctrines of most (not all!) evangelical churches that have cornered most Christian media. These doctrines are demonstrably clever deceptions (again: HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE). Their roots are in the same anti-Christ Kabbalism that has brought the Bible destroying Big Bang Paradigm to pass (HERE). Question: How warmly do you think the exposure of these doctrines as Bible-denying deceptions from You-Know-Who will be received in the churches and by the television and print media interests and preachers that preach them??

    3) There is another "end time" doctrine--"Preteritism"--which has several millions of followers who rightly recognize the Scriptural impossibility of the pre-trib Rapture-Literal Millennium teaching...but have fallen for an equally impossible doctrine that all end time Scripture was fulfilled with the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD. The problems with this teaching are insurmountable (HERE - HERE). Question: How eager do you think those committed to this doctrine-- especially its leaders--are to discover that they have been unconditionally overruled by Scripture??

    4) Beyond these Bible crippling errors, Satan has been allowed to insinuate numerous other false doctrines into churches (II Cor, 4:4; 11:13-15; I Tim. 4:1; etc.) concerning: a) His own role in Godís Plan (HERE); b) The Scriptural Truth about Hell (HERE); c) The Scriptural Truth about Heaven (HERE); and d) Several other doctrines that must be brought into line with Scripture (HERE).  Question: Same as in 1), 2), & 3).....

    There is no doubt that such a Blitzkrieg of Doctrinal Truths supernaturally forced upon the Churches of Christendom (Rev. 17:14; 18:4; I Pet. 4:17,18) would require more than a doctrinal facelift...or even a complete makeover. Rather, an absolute commitment to a doctrinally purified One Final Church will be called for. This final, Purified Church will be populated only by Truth loving Christians delighted to be free from the doctrinal "spots and wrinkles" by which they have been deceived. They will be delighted to be of "one mind" with God and His Word of Truth at last. Moreover, this delight will belong to Truth lovers from all points of the compass who learn these same truths, who gladly shed the deceptions that bound them, and who desire the kind of fellowship that only truth lovers can have.

    Remember: "the war the Lamb wins" is a Global victory that is not limited to people in any part of the Earth but is offered freely to "whosoever will"....


    In the 1880ís when reports that interferometer tests in Europe and the United States showed that the Earth was not moving, the science departments everywhere were thrown into an absolute funk. Darwinís evolutionism had swept the universities by then and the evolutionary "transvaluation of values" was well under way. The German atheist philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche summed up the mood just before the impact of those tests were made public. "God is dead", he wrote, "we have killed him with our science".

    But when the full meaning of those tests became clear and over 300 years of steady progress of destroying Bible credibility through the Copernican and then the Darwinian Revolutions was threatened, the most commonly heard expression from the universities was that they were "dumfounded" and that it was just "unthinkable" to even consider the destruction of this new freedom from Biblical teachings that the theoretical science establishment had so carefully erected.

    After some 20 years of sweating and straining to come up with some solution to the threat--and some of the craziest concepts imaginable--Einstein appeared with his relativity nonsense and saved the day. No wonder he was viewed as a secular savior and feted like royalty everywhere, and ultimately chosen as the most important man of the 20th century! He deserved what he got from those who gave it to him. (There are 25 pages on this whole development in The Earth Is Not Moving.)

    Now consider: If it was "unthinkable" that the Biblical non-moving Earth would be restored as Truth in the horse and buggy world of the 1880ís, can we even imagine how far beyond "unthinkable" its exposure and destruction would be now that a rotating, orbiting Earth is treated as factual beyond any challenge and, indeed, has become the keystone upholding all of modern manís "knowledge"?! (HERE)

    Ponder that question well, whatever your present beliefs--secular or religious --may be. As far as the Bible is concerned, however, nothing could be more clear than its warning to the churches that there will be:

    A) A short-lived Global Government which fools people briefly (Rev.17:12), but in a "war" with those who are the "called, chosen, and faithful" of Jesus (Rev. 17:14), this Government is forced to show its true Satanic colors.

    B) Those who hate the Truths forced on the world in that "war" will unite (Rev. 18:2) under an aged and decrepit and Satan-empowered Pope (II Thess. 2:3,4; Rev. 13:11,12, 15) who will move the Government to Jerusalem--called "Sodom and Egypt" by God (Rev. 11:8), and will rule with and through a :Second Beast" (Rev. 13:11-18) for 1260 days from that hub of Christ-hatred.

    C) During that 3 1/2 year time frame (overlapped by another 1260 days given to the Two Martyrs [R. 11:5] who initiate Babylonís Fall and are killed at the end of the Sixth Trumpet time frame, R. 11:13) the worldís populations are separated into overt Satan worshippers (R. 13:4,8) and those who get on Godís side (many only temporarily: R. 14: 9-12).

    The decision as to which of these camps one will choose to join is as close as the advent of a One World Government (plus "one hour": Rev.17:12).

    Given that todayís Bible-destroying, evolution-based "knowledge" is demonstrably dependent upon guarding the Copernican Keystone from attack by truth-lovers (in the churches first), is it not plain that this and this alone is the one doctrinal issue preventing that Biblically mandated attack by called and chosen and faithful Christians? These men and women who will be faithful to the Bibleís plain teaching that it is the sun and not the Earth that moves...and who will insist that their church honor the stationary Earth Scriptures, were singled out for a special honor by God over 1900 years ago through His Holy Spirit who designated them: "the called, chosen, and faithful"! (Rev. 17:14)

    Rest assured that these pre-determined Bible heroes and heroines will answer the calling they were chosen to answer and press for their churches to stand behind the non-moving Earth Scriptures (HERE).

    Rest assured also that this stand will be met with fierce resistance from a majority of church members. These will ignorantly claim that "science" has proven that the Earth rotates on an axis and orbits the sun. When that ignorance is removed by the facts forced on the world during the Fall of Babylon (e.g.: HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE, etc.). the choice will become mandatory as they, along with the rest of the world, will hear and understand--"one hour" after a One World Government is seated--that cry that God made over 1900 years ago:

"Come out of her [Babylon] MY PEOPLE

lest you partake of her plagues...."

{The Seven Trumpet Plagues begin after the Fall of Babylon time frame

and are reminiscent of the Plagues that fell on Pharaohís Egypt

while Godís people in the Land of Goshen were spared....}


Volunteers to be the "called, chosen, and faithful" of Jesus

in the "war" that exposes Satanís Empire of Babylon (Rev. 17:14)...

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