Handling Challenges Which Attack Many Of Our Core Beliefs

August 2012 Bulletin


 All of us have beliefs which we think are so solid that we have modeled our lives to one extent or another on their truthfulness. Challenges to those beliefs can create a real level of  anxiety…and even fear in us. Our sense of security can be threatened and force our psychic defenses to kick in to rescue us and restore that sense of security.


Oftentimes the first response to a challenge of a strongly held belief is to ignore it. If that doesn't work we may try denial.  If that doesn't work either, we begin to try to find factual support for our challenged belief. 


We all know how this pattern works whether we've used it very much or not.  Whether the challenge involves trust in a person or an institution or a philosophy or a religion or a government (or all the above and more!), we need to know and understand the Truth of the matter. Only then can we know which we love more; i.e., The Truth or The Lie. (II Thess.2:10)


God--by definition--knows all of this.  That is why He put it in writing (Bible only) over 1900 years ago that there would be a short, specific time frame when Jesus (and His followers) would wage "war" and "overcome", i.e., expose/reveal all of Satan's lies holding up his world-controlling kingdom of Babylon. (II Cor. 4:4; Rev. 17:12,14-18; 18:4; 14:6,7,8)


God knew (Acts 15:18) that there would be one lie that would be so absolutely foundational to Satan's entire edifice of deceptions, that--if revealed--it would have a dual effect. It would cause not only the exposure of ALL of Satan's carefully entrenched lies and plans, but would also confirm the Bible alone to be the one single source of Absolute Truth on every subject it addresses, no matter what we and even the whole world had come to believe.


This ultimate truth trap which God has set has allowed Satan to gain control of modern man's "knowledge". [1] It is the one trap that simultaneously involves ALL False Science, and ALL False Religion. That trap was set long ago to be sprung "one hour" after a Global Government--now at the door!--is seated.  The time frame after that "one hour" is the "war the Lamb wins" which causes the Fall of Satan's Babylon (Rev. 17:14-18).  This time will be Scripturally equal to the 7th Trumpet time frame of The Revelation, i.e., c.2-3 months. [2 p.10]


The Biblical God has promised that His Judgment will BEGIN in the Churches (I Pet. 4:17,18). The May, June, and July Bulletins stress how the Creationist Organizations and Churches are theologically the most responsible for protecting Satan's Keystone Lie of Copernicanism. Thus, these Organizations and their Churches are the most responsible for preventing the exposure of the Pharisee Religion's Big Bang Evolution Model. [3] - [4] - [5]


We know from the Scriptures that when the Religious Leaders saw that Jesus' actions and plans promised to replace the Old Covenant Law with His New Covenant Royal Law (James 2:8), they did everything they could to stonewall against the change, up to and including killing Jesus and harassing His followers. The same kind of test will come upon all Christian Churches--Creationists first--when "the war the Lamb wins" (Rev. 17:14) begins.


From the Pope to a Preacher with nine in his flock, the road ahead will be even more dramatic because all the world's religions and philosophies will face the same challenge. [6 last pg.] -[7] So, it boils down to this for everyone, everywhere:  Love the Truths which bring Satan's lies down, and come out of his Babylon (Revelation 18:4) when it's time; or: Reject those Truths and go with the Satan-empowered Global Government's pre-determined end. [8]

Look for: "Transhumanism: Satan's Last Hurrah Before Babylon Falls"; in September, 2012